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An unmanned weapon operated by remote control. There are different persons in charge of the main body, the left and right arms, and they are controlled by three people. A weapon like a Bunraku doll. If the three do not function, it will be difficult to fly well. The name is German for "Two arms" and "Two-handed sword".
~ Official description from Shattered Soldier

The Zweihander are mini-boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


The Zweihander is an unmanned mobile weapon that is fought while the player rides on a motorcycle. The left drone fires an incendiary grenade that leaves a large patch of fire in front of the player's current position. The right drone has a minigun that fires bullets at the player's current position. Should one drone be destroyed, the other will continue to attack at a faster pace. After both are defeated, the main body flies in to attack. The Zweihander will attempt to ram the player, fire lasers that leave small flame trails at them, or it will fly into shooting range where it will fire a sweeping laser from right to left or vice versa. Should the player take too long trying to take down the boss, it will fly away; otherwise, it will fall to the ground, with its arms exploding before the entire body of the machine explodes after taking enough damage.


  • A Zweihänder is a large two-handed sword that was used primarily during the 16th century. In its developed form, the Zweihänder acquired the handling characteristics of a polearm, rather than a sword, due to their increased size and weight, therefore adding to its striking power and longer reach.
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