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The Zelos Force is the final boss in Contra ReBirth. It can only be encountered on Normal Difficulty or higher.


The Zelos Force is a super weapon of extraterrestrial origins possessing unimaginable power, presumably created and developed by the Neo-Salamander Force as part of their time-traveling invasion campaign to eliminate all "Contras" from Earth. It was first mentioned in the second cutscene before the first stage, secretly moving across the Earth undetected until it was finally seen in the final stage.

The Zelos Force does not appear on Easy Mode (aside from its aforementioned naming in a cutscene). If played on Easy, defeating the previous boss simply ends the game during its mid-explosion with the Stage Clear scene. This leaves the Zelos Force's fate somewhat ambiguous, as the Contra Force declares victory over the Neo-Salamander force without battling the boss directly or on-screen.

If playing on Normal or higher, after the Stage 5 boss is eliminated, a bright light takes the hero(es) up into the sky... too high up that as once the light fades, they appear in space and soon touchdown on the moon. The Zelos Force soon reveals itself and prepares to face the Contras for their final showdown against the Neo-Salamander invaders.


As the Zelos Force appears (invincible until its following attack), it soon moves in an irregular short pattern firing off junk particles that can be shot down. Some of these particles contain Weapon Power-ups and is the only time the player(s) can obtain power-ups throughout the rest of the battle. After a while, the boss begins its attack pattern, where it utilizes several phases of transformation via gravity manipulation. Its attacks are as follows:

Attack Description
Zelos Force Contra ReBirth 2

Normal oriented gravity

Grows a hole and launches several clones of the playable characters in their rolling position which rain down and bounce all over the screen; these can be shot down and some may even drop power-ups. The battle always starts off with this attack.
Zelos Force Contra ReBirth 5

Left-sided gravity

The core will automatically position itself somewhere directly above the hero, then stop and release a payload of accumulated junk from within its body. It repeats this pattern two more times (for a total of three junk shots per attack phase) before shifting to a different attack pattern.
Zelos Force Contra ReBirth 3

Right-sided gravity

Grows a large barrier of junk around it and starts moving all across the screen. The barrier will slowly get destroyed as it takes damage, but enough accumulated pieces will cause the core to release some junk directly toward the hero. A few moments later into this phase and the core centers itself and releases any remaining payload it has in a spread fashion before changing attack patterns.

Due to the large amount of sprites on-screen at one time, this attack can cause the game to heavily slowdown.

Zelos Force Contra ReBirth 4

Upside-down oriented gravity

Summons four huge and indestructible clumps of junk that take turns in slamming with great force on the ground, releasing harmful debris as they do so before returning to their original position. The large junk masses stretch across the screen and absorb bullets, protecting the Zelos Force as it hovers behind the masses. After four to six junk masses landing and returning, its next attack pattern will begin.

On Nightmare difficulty, a junk piece has a chance to merely "flinch" and not land, which then causes another large junk piece to fall instead. This tactic can attempt to fool the player into walking under a falling junk mass.

When gravity positions the ground on the left or right sides of the screen, the up and down movement buttons are used to walk across the surface. After the first attack, the Zelos Force utilizes and repeats any of these attacks in a random fashion until defeated. With the exception of the large pieces from the upside-down attack pattern, all pieces of junk can be shot down with some ease. The Laser weapon is recommended for this fight as it can pierce through many pieces of junk the core surrounds itself with (including the indestructible large pieces) and strike the core itself.

Once defeated, the Zelos Force is launched toward the sun where it gets incinerated, ending the game.




  • Zelos Force is an iconic boss from the Gradius and Salamander series.
    • The Zelos Force appearing in Contra ReBirth is a fair rendition of the Gradius enemy character; both are portrayed as organic orbs apparently made of a gelatinous substance, although the one in Contra ReBirth also features mechanical parts and other synthetic materials.
  • Zelos Force's first attack (where it launches organic projectiles of itself) pays homage to a similar attack used by Brain Organism Searle from Contra III: The Alien Wars and a look-a-like of Searle from Contra 4.
    • Its right-sided gravity attack is also slightly similar to Searle's red sphere attack, where the latter would surround itself with small destructible round objects.
    • Its starting/normal-oriented gravity attack can be seen as a combination of Searle's eyeball and spike ball attacks: the former attack produced bouncing destructible projectiles while the latter attack presented weapon power-ups.
  • If the player dies from an attack by Zelos Force, the gleeful giggling of a child can be heard.
  • The internal sound files simply list this boss as bos5.

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