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Zark (巨弾三連砲ザーク Kyodan San-ren-hō Zāku?, lit. "Giant Triple Gun Zark") is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a turret that protects Shouds at the end of base stages.


Zark is a turret that shoots three bullets down in a spreading manner. It appears at the end of every base stage and serves as the protection of Shouds. It can only be damaged when it opens for attacking the player; otherwise, it will be invincible against the player's bullets in its closed state. Since the destruction of all Shouds triggers the boss fight, it is recommended to take down all Zarks while at least one Shoud still remains, in order to avoid having to deal with both the boss and the remaining turrets' fire.

Perhaps these turrets most memorable appearances are their inclusion in the boss fights against Garmakilma and Godomuga in the original Contra.

A larger variant featuring five cannons, appropriately called Gigazark, acts as Gromaides' main weapon in the arcade and MSX2 versions of Contra.





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