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The Zako Robot is an enemy in the Contra series. They are low-level enemy robots that attack in a variety of ways, whether it is by charging, shooting projectiles, or tossing explosives at the player.


Cannon fodder robots that were set rampaging throughout the city streets as part of a diversion attack by a rebellious group so they could more easily steal the alien cell from a research center. Zako Robots pretty much play the role of Greeders, Ledders and Grenade Throwers seen in other games of the series during in the first stage of the game (proper human Zako Soldiers appear in later levels). For this end, a number of Zako Robot variants, each with their own attack specialty, appear to replace said enemy ranks.

Zako Robots are only encountered in the initial section of the City Battle stage. They come in a variety of forms, with both the color of their helmets and their armaments denoting their specific attack methods:

Type Description

Zako Robot blue
Charges nonstop at a fast speed through the battlefield. Will jump over environmental obstacles and continue its charge. Their attack method is practically identical to that of Greeders in other games. They may briefly pause before executing a small but fast charge attack with their bladed arms. An infinite army of them appear throughout the beginning of the stage.
Red (walker)

Zako Robot red (walker)
A red seemingly unarmed variant that enters the screen from either edge and performs long leaps over obstacles trying to reach the player. Like familiar Greeder type enemies colored red, these red bots tend to pause their movement and fire a bullet from their hidden chest cannon before running in the opposite direction. Appears in infinite numbers during the beginning of the stage.
Red with long arm-gun

Zako Robot Sniper
Encountered holding post on higher platforms; they target and shoot a projectile at the player as they pass by. Their attack method is practically identical to that of Ledders in other games. Five appear in total.
Red with cannon on its back

Remains stationary and attacks by lobbing Gardegura bombs in an arc. Their attack pattern is similar to that of Grenade Throwers in other games. Although two are present in the battlefield, one was ran over and destroyed as the Hard Corps rushed to the scene in their armored car.



  • The word zako (雜魚 or ザコ) refers to generic minions/lackeys. These types are the lowest and weakest of enemies.
  • Reapers from Contra 4 also behave and play a similar role as the the Zako Robot, with the red variant having identical behavior to the red grounded Zako Robots. Both enemies are also robots that spawn infinitely throughout a city stage.
  • The red robot with the cannon on its bears a slight resemblance to the Cannon Soldier from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series (also owned by Konami).

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