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Bravery is not innate, but acquired.
~ Zadeh in Contra Returns

Zadeh is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Captured by the Solar Company while helping Vera escape, his strong vitality piqued the interest of the Solar Company, which forced him to undergo body modification and join their army. He was rescued by the Contra Squad and Vera.
~ In-game description

In the Sora operating room, the lights were on. Zadeh's necrotic body had been replaced with a machine, and the shadowless lamp pierced his eyes, and the white light was like the light at the end of the dark passage that day.

The sound of footsteps and gunshots behind him became more and more loud, and Zadeh dragged Vera forward. "Bang" a bullet hit the wall behind him, and Zadeh's hand clenched even tighter involuntarily. The exit was in front of him, five steps, three steps, one step, he suddenly let go of his hand and pushed Vera to the door. Huo Rankong's left hand squeezed all the anger and determination into the machine gun, and Zadeh roared and fired wildly.

More bullets hit him, piercing his chest.

He forgot the pain. It was like being imprisoned on the operating table now, and there was no bleeding. Zadeh knew Sora's trick, using mechanical technology to transform the human body, and then cleared its self-awareness, and those missing people were finally transformed into killing machines. He concentrated and fought back. The memory was the first time he saw Vera's eyes.

The 10-year-old Zadeh squatted in front of the cake shop, stopping the little gangster who sneaked out, "Hand it over." Zadeh pointed to his bulging pocket. The little gangster clutched his pockets tightly to show timidity. The violent Zadeh had long been famous in the garbage dump, fighting, robbing, and not playing by the rules. At this time, three bigger thugs suddenly appeared and surrounded Zadeh. They were the ones who had been robbed cakes by Zadeh yesterday and the day before.

"Let's go together." Zadeh put on a posture without fear. Not for nothing, although he was also injured a little bit, Zadeh beat them all away. He spat out the bloody saliva and patted the ashes on his body disdainfully. Looking up, a piece of cherry cheese dangled in front of his eyes.

"The stolen cake was really bad."

Zadeh turned away.

"Hey, you're so ungrateful! I didn't give it to you for nothing. To be my younger brother for three days, I don't recruit people casually." Zadeh looked at the girl disdainfully, but his stomach let out a loud cry. She chuckled, and her sharp but clear eyes caught him firmly. He was willing to be her follower, she ignored him, but ordered him to do it when needed. At the end of the three days, he went to grab the cake again, and then became her follower again.

From then on, these two garbage dump orphans walked together. Zadeh, started to be gentle.

The sound of electricity passed through Zadeh's brain nerves, and the memory was suddenly cut off, and it came to the later stage all of a sudden.

In the summer when he was 12 years old, Zadeh and Vera were surrounded by a group of retaliators. Zadeh clenched his fists and his joints cracked. He protected Vera behind him and was about to fight, but Vera pushed him away. Told each other's private information one by one and drove them away.

"How do you know their secrets?" Zadeh looked puzzled.

"I restored the hard drive they threw away, and I scanned everything stored in it." Vera raised her eyebrows with a smug expression on her face. Suddenly, a light flashed in her eyes, and she pulled Zadeh to the garbage dump.

The hard drive was the secret, and the secret was the money, Vera realized. Since then, hard drive blackmail had become their livelihood.

Vera was responsible for repairing and trading, and Zadeh was responsible for collecting hard drives and protecting Vera.

A sharp pain drilled into Zadeh's mind, and he seemed to turn into a whirlpool of memories.

They've got big information, but this time, Zadeh wanted Vera to drop it. The gang boss involved in the hard disk was a ruthless character who they couldn't afford to offend, but Vera had planned the use of the money. She wanted to go to a better place with him, get married, and change her life. Life.

The girl in the leather skirt with rivets appeared at the entrance of the alley as scheduled, and Zadeh climbed up the edge of the wall not far away, keeping his guns on the progress. The buyer delivered the money, and everything seemed to be normal, but suddenly, a group of people appeared and pressed Vera. Zadeh shot at the farthest back, causing everyone to turn around and look at him. He jumped forward with one step and pulled her out of the encirclement. He once held her hand and ran through his youth like this, but this time, Zadeh felt faintly uneasy, and later facts proved his uneasiness. They were tracked, stalked, and set on fire to drive them away, until they were besieged by mercenaries sent by Sora Corp, and they could only escape through secret passages.

The violent grinding sound of metal came, shaking his brain, Zadeh heard someone talking, this voice appeared before, in that long, long passage. He and she were still running, gunshots came, her outline gradually blurred, and the hand she held was disappearing little by little... Zadeh's consciousness was disappearing...

Suddenly, gunshots erupted, and the Soul troops arrived.

Vera rushed to the operating table to shut off the deconsciousness program, Zadeh opened his eyes, and her tears fell on his cheeks. He had never seen her cry. She was still his favorite Vera, but what about him?

Zadeh felt his body was cold, and he didn't dare to use this half mechanical body to touch Vera. He always gave people a sense of distance, and the same was between him and Vera. There was a kind of fear in his heart, a kind of loss. Regarding the fact that Zadeh joined the Soul Army later, everyone knows that it was to protect Vera, but there was another purpose. Zadeh was looking for a life goal, and he was also looking for himself.


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