Wonderbird (飛行大魔神ワンダーバード Hikō Daimashin Wandābādo?, lit. "Flying Devil Wonderbird") is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps.


An heavily-armed jet that pursues the Hard Corps squad while they are soaring through the sky, hitching a ride atop an Air Police's cruiser. The aircraft appears to be a hybrid between a machine and a mutated life form, bearing organic parts such as bones and a skull on its front.

The vessel counts with a pair of triple cannons, one on each wing, from which it fires three large energy balls in a spreading manner as it glides from side to side. On its front, it features a napalm gun from which it shoots a stream of flame straight down.

Once the aircraft has sustained enough damage, it will start exploding and drop down; however, in a last effort to stop the heroes, it will manage to take height one last time and crash with their cruiser, severely damaging it and forcing it to perform an emergency landing, where the player will be forced to get off the ship and proceed on foot for the rest of the level.