The Wadder (超猛獣 ワーダ Chō Mōjū Wāda?, lit. "Ultra-Wild Animal Wadder") is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a grotesque alien mouth growing on the hive's biomass that spews out Poisonous Insect Gels.


Wadders are grotesque mouth-like formations growing out from the alien nest's biomass. Their teeth are conformed only by fangs and they can be seen incessantly chomping as if searching for something to eat.

When an intruder is detected inside the hive, they start vomiting out flying organic parasites known as Poisonous Insect Gels. These first come out slowly from the mouth and then launch themselves at great speed toward their prey.

Wadders can be destroyed in order to prevent them from populating the area with more Gels.

In Contra: Return, Wadders still spew out Gels, but these do not possess sudden quick attacks like in previous games, making their evasion far easier, although they are indestructible this time around.






  • In the arcade and MSX2 versions of Contra, Wadders appear as small monster faces instead of mouths.

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