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We never need a fatal blow.
~ Vinci in Contra Returns

Vinci is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A member of the Eastern 10 Alliance's Special Ops Group inspired by Dhanusha to join Contra.
~ In-game description

In the dark night, the moon hook is like a sharp edge, like a spike in the hand.

Vinci stood on a high ground, and the bow-like thorn bush behind him was as quiet and sharp as him. He and it are waiting for an opportunity to kill a person. Suddenly, a black cloud passed by, and it was now! Countless spikes swirled out, and the gloomy light reflected by the metal interface cut through the night in an instant.

As the weapon attendant of "Black Spike", one of the 20 artifacts of the ten eastern countries, and the top killer of the assassination organization of country F, Vinci had never missed a shot. All targets are one-hit flaws, fast and silent. People in sleep often die before they can open their eyes.

And his target this time is 018, who is also a weapon attendant, and the highest killer ever.

An epee was guarding his body, and the spikes were scattered everywhere due to the blockage of the sword, and were immediately recalled by the magnetic force. The epee in 018's hand transformed into an energy cannon and hit Vinci directly. 018 chased forward, but a sharp storm rolled out of the flames and smoke, unable to dodge in time, and a bloodstain was cut on 018's arm.

At the same time, Vinci's leg was also pierced by a sharp blade, and the arrow blade came from Dhanusha's handed down bow.

More members of the Soul Army arrived, and Vinci was captured.

The reference room was extremely quiet, and the holographic screen flipped back and forth, "Flying spikes, spikes, magnetic control..." Dhanusha kept changing keywords. She must have seen the spiked weapon, but forgot when and where.

Finally, the notification sounded, the screen flashed, and the message appeared, and Dhanusha's pupils dilated. At this moment, the communicator sent a message: "Vinci has escaped from the confinement room."

Outside the blockade of the camp, Vinci in a tight suit thought he had escaped successfully. He moved his feet lightly and turned around to sprint. "Whoosh—" an arrow pierced into the concrete ground in front of Vinci's toes.

"Just leave like this?"

Dhanusha leaned against a tree, holding the handed down bow, and asked calmly.

Vinci didn't answer, and the moment he squinted, he spun out a spike and pointed at Dhanusha's body, and at the same time stepped in the opposite direction and fled quickly. However, it was not easy to get away. Dhanusha made one vertical leap, another vertical leap, and easily avoided the attack of one spike after another. She drew the bow while dodging, and the handed down arrow passed through the gap between the spikes, heading toward Vinci chase. "Whoosh—" This time it wasn't just the arrow, even Dhanusha fell in front of Vinci.

She stretched out her arms, hung the bow and arrow in her hand, and signaled a truce. "How about a chat?

Vinci was a little surprised, but he didn't let his guard down.

"Like, don't you want to know where the spikes came from?" Dhanusha continued.

In the darkness, a breeze swayed in Vinci's eyes.

While hesitating, suddenly, Dhanusha put his hands together and drew the bow, and Vinci flew out. Vinci didn't have time to dodge, but felt the arrow passing by his ear like a sharp edge. Vinci turned his head and saw the arrow of creation blowing the dagger cut through it. Not far away, a figure disappeared in the shadow of a tree.

Dhanusha picked up the sharp blade that fell on the ground and handed it to Vinci, "You should know this."

It was the weapon of another master of the assassination organization, and Vinci had long been accustomed to the law of survival of the fittest.

At the age of 3, Vinci grabbed a meat bun, rushed to the corner, and hurriedly stuffed it into his mouth. He had been robbed of food for three consecutive days.

At the age of 5, he shot for the first time and saw blood gurgling from the opponent's body.

At the age of 15, he finally defeated the highest assassin, became the spiked weapon attendant, and got the title of "Flying Spur", but Vinci didn't know that "Flying Spur" was originally his.

"You can't go back, but you can choose to stay." This is Vinci's situation and Dhanusha's invitation.

Vinci stared sharply at Dhanusha through the night, and his heart tightened. The wind blew up, and many daggers swarmed. Dhanusha leaned over and rushed in front of Vinci, the sharp knife slashed across her right arm, leaving a bloodstain.

Being injured for himself, Vinci frowned, and immediately summoned back the spikes, a whirlwind of spikes erupted, and a figure fell from the tree.

"The cooperation is not bad", Dhanusha smiled. "When you want to hear a story, you can find me."

After the battlefield was cleaned up, Vinci was put in the confinement room again.

Refusing to eat, talk, and visits, what isolated Vinci is not the confinement room but his heart. With his eyes closed, he couldn't tell whether he was awake or asleep, and he couldn't tell whether it was a memory or a dream that flashed in his mind—the long blond hair shone in the sun, and the white face had an unrestrained smile. Who is it?

In fact, in the past many sleeps, Vinci always saw this picture, and he would also guess, but guessing is only guessing in the end. For a professional killer, even the imagination of a thousandth of emotion is dangerous. Signal.

Dhanusha is waiting, waiting for Vinci not only to let go off his own thoughts, but also to understand the truth, waiting for Vinci to get ready.

Meet again, the wound on Dhanusha's arm has healed.

"Working meal." Dhanusha put a lunch box in front of Vinci. "I'm afraid you have to eat before you have the strength to feel the story."

Probably the taste was not bad, or maybe he was hungry, Vinci ate quickly, but the story came slowly——

"A rainy day 20 years ago... the woman didn't know he was on the mission... they fell in love that day... one is from the West and the other is from the East."

Dhanusha paused, "The spikes were originally non-magnetic. As a scientist, she wanted to give her lover a gift to make his spikes shine. At that time, she hadn't understood the fate of the weapon servants, and she hadn't Knowing that what awaits her is life and death." Dhanusha shrugged, walked out of a sad mood, and smiled at Vinci, "So, the spike is a fusion of the East and the West, and so are you." She pointed to his blond hair.

"They now?—" Vinci asked, looking up.

"Killed by the F Country assassination organization 16 years ago, the spikes were taken away, and the young child disappeared."

Vinci was silent.

The alliance of ten eastern countries is an alliance of each other on the surface, but internally they are competing against each other. Country F's assassination organization has been using the method of killing to collect the artifacts of various countries, and constantly cultivates weapon servants for its use. The assassination of 018 was just to get back the epee in her hand, and it was also for the spike in his hand to that man back then.

After Dhanusha's story was finished, she didn't sit still. She knew that she needed to leave time and space for Vinci at this moment, and added a sentence, "You are free, and the choice is yours."

In the end, Vinci stayed in the Soul Army, not because he liked it much, but because there was no place in the world where he could really go. Of course, this was just the initial reason.


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