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Don't underestimate my hacking skills.
~ Vera in Contra Returns

Vera is a playable character in Contra Returns.


An ace hacker who made her way to the top from the Downtown Junkyard, she fought against the Solar Company together with her lover Zadeh. She's also the first Contra recruit in World E-137.
~ In-game description

The junkyard on the outskirts of the city was the background of Vera's growth. Various frame structures were bent and broken, piles of obsolete electrical appliances, wires and chips were exposed and rusty, scrapped smuggled weapons and mechanical devices could be seen everywhere, and metal facades reflected in the hot sun. The scorching light was emitted, and then the visible heat was blocked by the transpiration on the opposite side of the memory.

Vera leaned on the corner of the street with her hands in her pockets, her clear but alert eyes fixed on the end of the narrow passage, her masseter muscles tightened and loosened due to chewing, and she blew out a bubble that almost covered her vision.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and the bubble burst into a membrane and was sucked into her mouth. The trader appeared.

"The underwear worn by Dita Von Teese isn't easy to find." Seeing the message that the money had arrived, Vera shook the hard drive mischievously when handing it over to the man, and spit out another big bubble.

The other party left, Vera turned to leave, and a delicate snack bag suddenly shook in front of her eyes.

"Cherry cheese." Zadeh grinned.

Vera's tone was cold: "Stealing again?" A sour enzyme appeared on the tip of her tongue.

"I bought it! It's just that the line was too long, so I asked the leader to give up my seat." Zadeh raised his eyebrows and squeezed his fist by the way.

Taking the dessert casually, Vera repeated today's business:

Lot 681, Peachy Photo, 5 Harley Avenue, 2 o'clock.

No. 682, drug dealing location, at the entrance of Finn's Tavern at 4 o'clock.

No. 683, Gang A black money records, kitchen at the Kent Hotel at 7 o'clock.


Abandoned hard drives sometimes hide secrets, and those secrets were money to be made. Twelve-year-old Vera had mastered the way to restore hard drive blackmail with her talent in hacking technology. She was smart and clever, and with Zadeh's assistance, the two orphans who lived in the garbage dump since childhood had never been hungry again. Of course, there were times when you stumble.

During a transaction, Vera was surrounded, and she played a guessing game with the other party at gunpoint, waiting for the young man like the wind to open the gap, pulling her and rushing out of the crowd.

Zadeh held Vera's hand tightly, sweat ran down their cheeks and drenched their backs, all kinds of mechanical parts in the garbage dump were kicked up, and the chasing voices behind them faded away. The flying singing made the background, they laughed while running, leaving the dazzling light behind, and in a blink of an eye they ran to the year when Vera was twenty years old.

Zadeh had grown into a strong young man, and he could carry a big bag of hard drives back every time. On an ordinary day, Zadeh dumped the hard drives in the bag on the ground, "I bet there was big business here."

Power on, detection, repair... Three minutes later, the firearms records, various lists, pornographic photos, and information were sorted and summarized. Vera's eyes lit up, and one of the photos was enlarged: the right-hand man of one of the three major forces in the black market and another powerful new girlfriend was naked in bed. Vera and Zadeh looked at each other, focusing on the richest party. No. 9637, non-pure pornographic photos, backup hard disk.

Zadeh bought a collector's edition whiskey to celebrate, and the two fell asleep. When he woke up, the room was surrounded by heat waves.

Zadeh subconsciously wiped off the sweat on his forehead, his eyes were full of flames in a trance. Enduring a severe cough, he escaped through the secret door with the sleeping Vera on his back. When Vera gradually regained consciousness, she suddenly thought of something, and she rushed back to the room to search. The cabinet frame came down with flames, and even though Zadeh threw her away, Vera was seriously injured in the arm.

"Things must be more complicated than we imagined." Wrapped in bandages, Vera combed over and over again, photos-character relationships, documents-transaction information... Suddenly, a list in the number 9637 stayed in her field of view. Drawing circles and crosses, they had one thing in common, that is, they had transformed their bodies by mechanical means.

At this time, a message popped up on the computer interface: "24 hours, hand over everything you know."

"Whoever it is, as they say, hand over the backup and we'll get out of here."

"Who do you think it's better for me to sell this list to?" Vera's eyes flashed a hint of cunning. Zadeh grabbed her arms, "Stop playing, listen to me this time." A sharp pain went from the arms to Vera's head.

"No one can dominate me", Vera said. Then, she disappeared for 20 hours.

Back again, Vera switched to a pair of mechanical arms. "I know who to sell this list to - Sora." It turned out that Vera found the doctor to replace Sora's robotic arm for himself and hacked the tracker in it. She discovered that Sora Corp was using this method to control one individual after another while preaching the benefits of mechanical modification.

"How much was it worth taking such a big risk?" Zadeh strongly objected.

Vera smiled slightly, edited the code to hack into Sora's main system, and forcibly closed all tracking. "It's not worth the money, but it's really risky." Vera used their own technology to save everyone.

The alarm of Sora's anti-detection system continued to sound, and the location of the hacker was quickly locked. The reconnaissance team sent an approaching team to surround them.

After the last fire incident, Zadeh opened up a secret passage for the new residence. He drew out a machine gun with one hand, grabbed Vera with the other, and galloped out of the passage. The sound of footsteps and gunshots gradually intensified behind him, and Zadeh held Vera tightly, just like when he was a teenager. The light spots ahead flickered, and the exit was getting closer. When they reached the exit, Zadeh suddenly let go of Vera's hand, pushed her to the door, turned and locked the passage.

Vera heard Zadeh's angry shout and a burst of shooting. She wasn't an indecisive and pure girl. She was the warrior who grew up in the garbage dump independently and with various forces. She wanted to save him, but not now.

For the next month, Vera took good care of concealment, and at the same time used her own technology to continuously search for Sora's criminal evidence. During a deciphering, Vera found that there was a code tracking her. After a series of phishing operations were reversed, the location was obviously not Sora. Soon, Vera found the source of the code - the Soul Army from the parallel world.

"Replace someone on the missing person list of Sora's prosthetic limbs." All the computers of the Soul Army shut down, and these words appeared on the black screen. Vera found the Soul Army and wanted to make a deal with them. This time, it was neither about extortion, nor for money.

The cooperation was reached very smoothly. Vera handed over Sora's security arrangement, personnel deployment... and circled the area under Zadeh's control, and the Soul Army entered Sora's laboratory as the main force.

According to the appointed time, Vera appeared at the meeting point. Lance took a deep puff of his cigar, and he looked at Vera, firm, alert, and well aware of this space, just the fighter that the Soul Army desperately needed now.

"You could consider joining the Soul Army", Lance saw the hesitation flashing in her eyes: "Of course, if you don't join, we would complete this mission with you."

"No one can dominate me", Vera replied.

"When the whole world was dominate by people, who was spared? One could only really say this if everyone had the ability to dominate themselves."

This sentence really moved Vera, making her the first person in World E-137 to join the Soul Army after the operation. But now, the most important thing in her heart was to rescue Zadeh.

When the time came, Vera set out with the Soul Army. "Zadeh, wait for me."



  • Vera loves chewing bubblegum and is usually seen doing so in many of her depictions.

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