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The Velociraptor[1] is a vehicle featured in Neo Contra. It is an armored bipedal dinosaur that can run at very fast speed.


A bipedal dinosaur clad in armor that can run at very high speed and equipped with a small flashlight near its right eye. The player starts Mission: 02 riding on this creature and keeps doing so for about halfway through the stage. In fact, at the beginning of the stage, a monitor displays a small cinematic of the real Bill Rizer riding his hoverbike in Contra: Shattered Soldier, only for the player riding the Velociraptor to unexpectedly break through the screen and begin their crazy chase. The Velociraptor acts pretty much the same as many other 'cycle' vehicles from previous titles, such as the Jet Motorcycle or the Motoroid. Each character has a specific color armor worn by their Velociraptor: Bill's is blue, Jaguar's is crimson, and Lucia's is pink.

After fending off some enemies at high speed on a highway from a top-view perspective, the player soon has to face the first miniboss of the stage, the classic Armed Jeep (Dogra). For this fight, the camera lowers and the perspective changes to a side-view, with the boss attacking from the background shooting bursts of bullets from its rear turret while the player steers the Velociraptor front and back to avoid the attacks.

After destroying the jeep, a greater menace immediately makes its appearance, the large military carrier Geroika. For this battle, the camera repositions itself behind the Velociraptor and the player has to move it from side to side to avoid all of Geroika's attacks, which include a soldier throwing rolling Darr barrels at the player and two plasma turrets. Killing the soldier and taking down the turrets and the four propellers of the carrier will make it burst in flames and go down. This victory also signifies the end of the Velociraptor ride, as the player will then leave this steed and jump onto a wall to continue climbing the next section of the stage.






  • The introduction of the Velociraptor in Neo Contra parodies the introduction of the hoverbike in the previous game, Contra: Shattered Soldier, where in both cases the player character riding the vehicle/dinosaur breaks through a solid wall-like object; a wall with Blood Falcon propaganda in Shattered Soldier, and a large monitor in Neo Contra. In fact, the monitor the Velociraptor breaks through in Neo Contra is actually playing the wall breaking cutscene from Shattered Soldier.
  • Despite being called "Velociraptor", the physiology of the dinosaur the heroes ride in Neo Contra differs much from the real life Velociraptors that once inhabited the Earth. The ones seen in the game have a more bulky complexion, a big head with a robust jaw, and lack upper limbs, while the real extinct species were more slender, with a smaller and longer head, had arms with clawed hands, and believed to be feathered.
    • In this regard, the dinosaurs in Neo Contra have a stronger resemblance to other similar species, like the Protoceratops.

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  1. Referred to as "Velociraptor" in the 'Museum' gallery of Contra 4.