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Battle Ship

Bahamut and his team had Tiberius in their sights, but he somehow manages to escape.

Tiberius retaliates by unleashing a full-scale attack on the capital tower from his massive flying battleship, just to kill Bahamut.

Meanwhile, other units have made it to the tower and are now fighting for control. If Tiberius isn't caught, both armies will face more losses and everything will have been in vain.

Bahamut and his team escape from the tower and finally face off against Tiberius...

When he saw the mutants at the top of the tower, Bahamut's expression changed again.

It was the same expression he made when he saw the androids... when he had to shoot one of his own men. It was a sad face, a face reflecting a great loss. It echoed Krystal's feelings when she had to pick up a gun for the very first time.

She can call him an ally now, but more importantly,... a friend.

Krystal loaded her rifle one last time. It was time to put an end to this war.

Harley approached Tiberius, and he got a whiff of something he wished he hadn't.

He realized fighting downwind of Tiberius would be the hardest part of his mission. He was worried that he'd never get the smell out of his clothes.

The emperor reeked of hatred, greed, power, jealousy, money, betrayal... what made Tiberius this way?

Harley suddenly realized what caused it.

It was terror. Tiberius was terrified of something. Too bad all Harley wanted to do was take a shower and get Tiberius' stink off of him.

She couldn't kill him.

His eyes never met hers. She knew then what a monster he was, and she couldn't control her rage any longer.

Tiberius hadn't changed. He was still the same man that abandoned both Sayuri and her mother.

Someone pointed his gun at Tiberius. He had accepted his past mistakes and was going to face them head on.

She knew what she had to do.

The Emperor knew that Bahamut and his team were coming. He wanted to fight his creation.

The man saw the Emperor's insanity for what it was. Not conviction, but ambition, and he had to know what was ahead.

That is why Bahamut betrayed them. The pain of pointing a gun at your friend, and then having him come after you. He did this all for what he believed in.

He realized that there were always two paths in front of him. But in his dreams, he always chose a different path.