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Capital Tower Building

The Resistance uprising is gaining strength throughout the land, and the Commonwealth's leadership is in shambles, leaving the capital tower open for attack.

As time passes, more and more lives are lost and the Resistance begins to lose its edge. They have to act, and act fast!

The underground railway climbs rapidly to the surface. There's no turning back now.

The capital tower is the enemy's headquarters, and Tiberius awaits at its highest point above the clouds.

The capital tower is the enemy's headquarters. Tiberius is there.

Krystal had accepted everything now -- that she would fight, and she would die fighting.

If she keeps fighting, then some little girl out there might be able to live happy with her family. That little girl may grow up to be a beautiful young woman. She might even find her true love, get married, and begin a family of her own.

Though Krystal's dreams are shattered, she might be able to help others find what she could only dream about. She will make her final stand here!

They had many names. The Union Tribe called them "the final blow". The Republic Tribe referred to them merely as backup. The Federation Tribe called them "hope".

Harley knew that it was all a load of crap. To him, they were nothing more than lambs led to the slaughter.

They prayed that if they did their best, one day their actions will have meaning. Harley said that what they were doing was right, and that one day they might be remembered as heroes.

Harley also mentioned that he wanted to write a book when this was over. Bahamut told him to shut up and get back to work.

The capital tower is the enemy's headquarter. Tiberius is there.

War was about to begin, but this was not something new. Her third father told her that "art" had no place in this world. In this world, there is only room for one thing... "war."

She believed him, and that is what saved her. Thinking that way also kept her from having to face her own sins.

She had to kill Tiberius, no matter how important he was to her.

The man noticed something strange about the railway security... it was too light.

It's almost as if they knew someone was coming, and they wanted to test them.

Why would the Emperor do such a thing?
Why would he leave himself open to attack?
Perhaps if he met with the Emperor, he could make him understand.

He then remembered that this was the place he had last fought Bahamut. A faint smile crept across his face.

Japan (translated)[]

Imperial Tower