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Capital Laboratory

Bahamut's team successfully infiltrates the laboratory. At first glance, it looks like it was used for weapons research.

Upon further inspection, however, they were actually conducting genetic research on unwilling human subjects.

As part of their mission, they have to rescue Dr. Geo Mandrake. He was the one who provided Bahamut with valuable intelligence about the empire.

Now, his life is in danger.

Bahamut and his team set off to rescue the doctor, taking care not to be seen....

Taking advantage of the confusion on the highway, Krystal carefully makes her way to the capital laboratory to carry out a rescue mission.

All she ever wanted was to live a normal life with her family, but the war changed all that.

When her village was attacked, most of the adults had already gone off to war. The children had nowhere to run and were slaughtered.

Over the years, Krystal forced herself to live with her memories. She knew she would never have a normal life. And with that thought, she picked up her rifle.

Harley was in a bad mood. Their next mission was to rescue Dr. Geo Mandrake. They had to be careful not to be seen.

Harley knew that the Council wanted the human research facility to remain intact so they could use it themselves.

That is why they were on this mission. Dr. Mandrake didn't know that, and Harley felt kind of sorry for him.

But after Harley discovered that Dr. Mandrake lived in a mansion with a pool and a hot young wife, his mood became even darker.

At the laboratory, their mission is to rescue Dr. Geo Mandrake. They must be careful and must not be discovered. For Sayuri, this was going to be a piece of cake.

Due to the Commonwealth's military actions, her family was murdered. She fled from the ruins of her home and managed to survive.

As a refugee, she moved from place to place, training hard and killing many people. She will never speak of her many sins.

She was a hardened and cold-blooded assassin.

He made it to the laboratory. This was not a place to develop weapons -- it was an illegal human research facility!

Despite this, he still swore his allegiance to Tiberius. He felt he was doing the right thing by following his Emperor.

He never understood why Bahamut fought against that power, and always took the side of the weak.

Dr. Mandrake was rescued from here by Bahamut. He decided that if he did the same, maybe he'd finally understand.

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