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Bahamut and his team enter the capital.

The highway has been under construction for a long time, and is not open to regular traffic -- it is only used to transport ore from the ruins to various processing plants.

Those who are still following Bahamut will not show any mercy.

Neither will Bahamut. In his former homeland, he stands and shoots those who were once his comrades.

His next stop is the laboratory....

Krystal and the team make it to the capital.
She had never been there before.

She knows that Bahamut, Emperor Tiberius and that man in the red and black uniform fought and grew up here.

As a child, Krystal led a normal life until she became a refugee in the desert.

Now, she is surrounded by skyscrapers.
Every window she sees represents a life -- a job, a family, a person and memories.

Everything is now very real to her.

The capital is full of people that revere the Emperor as a great man.

They probably couldn't understand why there were so many angry refugees, or why so many countries hated them.

What would be more harmful to their image,
the Resistance charging in with guns blazing or running naked through the streets?

As Harley stared down at the city from the helicopter, he could only wonder...

Why didn't they just take the chopper to begin with?

There were several reasons why the Republic Tribe chose Sayuri.

The main reason was that they did not have many soldiers left, and their supplies were dwindling.

The Union Tribe has many great soldiers, while the Federation Tribe wins with their sheer numbers. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth has their superior weaponry.

After this operation is over, there is no guarantee that another force might not come in and take all the riches.

Their only hope is that they have to look strong.

He was being pursued by someone he had once called his friend.

His father, a decorated military officer, had told him that, "The weak cannot protect anything."

His father's words soon turned into a harsh reality. After his father died during the war, his mother left with another man and abandoned her son.

But the orphaned boy was not sad. He realized that his father was too weak to protect his mother. There are still many who are weak and powerless here.

Japan (translated)[]


Bahamut and his team infiltrated the Imperial City.

This highway has been under construction for a long time,
No ordinary vehicles can enter.
This is because the military is using it as a route to transport ore mined at the ruins to various stations.

The pursuers are relentless. They will do everything in their power to stop Bahamut and his men.

But Bahamut and his men had no hesitation.
They were looking at the nostalgic scenery where they grew up,
They fired their guns at their former comrades.

They were going to the laboratory in order to break into the Imperial Tower.