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Through the vast ruins of the jungle, there is a path that leads to the Imperial Capital.

Bahamut knew that these ruins were very important to the Commonwealth. There is a special ore mined here that is used in there weapons.

It was no surprise that the area was well-defended from invaders with guards and booby traps.

Bahamut had made up his mind. For him, there was no other way out.

By passing through the ruins in the jungle, they could quickly reach the capital.

Krystal became increasingly uneasy when she noticed that the Commonwealth guards seemed to know Bahamut.

She had heard rumors that he was still a part of this operation from the very beginning.

What if this was all just a trap?

She had to find out for herself what was going on. If this operation was real, then these ruins should lead to the capital.

By passing through the ruins in the jungle, they could reach the capital.
Harley thought it was a miracle that these ruins were still standing after the war.
Either Tiberius failed miserably or he left them here on purpose.

Joking with Bahamut, he told him that these ruins had to be full of treasure. He tried to make a bet to see who could find the most loot, but Bahamut's expression remained stone-faced.

That's when Harley realized... Bahamut is one boring guy.

By passing through the ruins in the jungle, they would be able to reach the capital quickly.

The ruins were well protected from intruders with guards and booby traps.

When the Republic Tribe had to pick their elite soldier for this mission, they felt they didn't have anyone right for the job.

Instead, they hired Sayuri and paid her a large sum of money to execute their plans for them.

She is only there as a mercenary.

Those eyes still haunt his dreams.

He remembered how that man killed his own soldiers, how he never looked away, even when the bodies of his own men were stacked around him.

He wanted that man to see that what he was doing was wrong! He wanted to stop him! That is why he pointed his gun at his only friend.

In the jungle, he knew that man had not changed at all. He finally understood what he had to do to that man.

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