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After defeating Tiberius' forces in the desert, Bahamut and his fellow soldiers head deep into the jungle on their way to the capital.

Bahamut was once a Commonwealth soldier, but he defected and now fights for the Resistance. His combat skills have saved many innocent lives; one day, he may be known as a hero, but many only see him as a traitor and will never trust him.

However, one man felt a strange sense of fate about Bahamut, and upon hearing about the tragic desert battle, he could only smile.

Now he waits quietly, deep in the forest....

She couldn't blame them for not trusting Bahamut. she couldn't completely trust him herself.

She remembered that Bahamut was once a Commonwealth elite soldier. He had betrayed them, but she cannot figure out why he had become what he is today.

She still remembers him in his red and black Commonwealth uniform, just like the soldiers that killed her parents.

Because of that memory, she still sees him as a Commonwealth soldier. Her other mission was to keep her eye on him.

Harley felt so alive the first time he fought. At first, it was weird how he enjoyed the bullets whizzing by his head. But now, he knows that that is who he is.

He had always protected the refugees. To him, the battlefield was home and the refugees were his family.

Maybe everyone felt like him, but it sure didn't seem like everyone was having as much fun as he was.

That's when he decided that he would be the craziest dude on the battlefield. And as if that idea wasn't crazy enough...

After defeating Tiberius' men in the desert, Sayuri and the others head for the jungle on their way to the capital, as planned.

This mission was being carried out by three different Tribes. Each Tribe selected their best soldiers to take down the empire.

The Union Tribe selected Bahamut. The Federation Tribe nominated Harley.

The Republic Tribe selected Sayuri.

Unlike the others, however, she was not an elite soldier -- she was an assassin with another mission in mind.

Deep in the forest, he waited quietly for Bahamut.

He held strong to the belief that Bahamut to pass through here.

After the battle raged, he was forced to retreat in in the face of Bahamut's overwhelming strength. This was not the same Bahamut from two years ago!

How did he get so strong? What has he been doing the last two years? Have I become weak in the face of my adversary?

He set off in search of those answers.

Japan (translated)[]


For years he has been running, hiding, protecting refugees.
For him, being in the fight
It felt like coming home.

He couldn't believe that other people were having as much fun as he was.

And he thinks.
I'm going to be the craziest thing on the battlefield.
He thought it was crazy to think so.