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The year is 2613.

The world is now ruled by an empire known as the Commonwealth under the reign of Tiberius.
~ Stage intro.

Desert is the first stage of Hard Corps: Uprising.


A desert wasteland with a small region inhabited by a village. The Commonwealth empire storms the scene, conquering what little they can and destroying the rest. Bahamut and company soon follow behind in a small chopper. Reaching a safe spot to land, Bahamut jumps out and makes his appearance on the scene...

The stage is littered with Commonwealth units and tall lifts the heroes can use as platforms. Halfway through the level, the desert lives up to its name by being engulfed in quicksand. This hazard will swallow anyone whole who dares walk across it for long. The heroes should make attempts to reach high ground as soon as possible. They eventually come across a village ruined by the ravages of war. Passing through here lies a bridge where the enemy camps out. Motor Bikes parked inside a cave, the heroes "borrow" one for the rest of the trip through the region.

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  • During the stage's loading screen, if the player enters the Konami Code (↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, X, O), the background music will change into a heavy remix of Contra's Jungle theme.
  • In Trial Mode, this is the only level played, and it abruptly ends a second after the Lotus Worm's introduction. After which, a screen will appear, notifying the player to purchase the full game.


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