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The Union Tribe is a fictional faction featured in Hard Corps: Uprising. It is one of the three factions in the game that have risen against the Commonwealth Empire, along with the Federation Tribe and the Republic Tribe.


The Union Tribe was formed an undisclosed time before 2613 A.D. They were an organized resistance group that was formed by citizens of neighboring countries that had suffered from heavy oppression by the expanding Commonwealth Empire. At first, there were many localized attempts to rise against the Empire, but these were helplessly eliminated by the latter's overwhelming military power. That was until the three existing resistance factions –the Union Tribe, the Federation Tribe, and the Republic Tribe– all joined forces to carry out a desperate hostile operation on the Imperial Capital. Each of these Tribes was leaded by a wise old man, who quickly agreed in what had to be done to free their people.

Bahamut, an elite soldier from the Empire's feared "Death Squad", no longer tolerating the crimes his side was committing against humanity, decided to defect their ranks and instead joined the nearly defeated Resistance. As expected, he was first looked upon with distrust and contempt by his new comrades due to his previous allegiance, but Bahamut soon gained their approval and gave them hope with his superhuman skills in guerrilla warfare, which helped the Resistance secure victory in several battles. Of the three main Tribes leading the war effort against the Commonwealth, Bahamut was chosen by the Union Tribe to become the Tribe's best soldier. Soon afterward, Bahamut assembled a four-man assault team consisting of himself and three other individuals with superhuman abilities: Krystal (also an oppressed citizen from the Union Tribe), Harley (the Federation Tribe's best soldier) and Sayuri (the Republic Tribe's choice and adopted daughter of the Commonwealth's leader, Tiberius). Together, they infiltrated the Commonwealth and caused devastating losses to the Empire from the inside, allowing the Resistance to move in and directly attack the Imperial Capital.

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