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The Underground Turret (地中砲台 Chichū Hōdai?) is an enemy in the Contra series. It is a turret initially concealed underground as an innocent-looking floor panel or patch of grass. However, when approached, the panel rises and reveals a gun that opens fire at the player.


A turret concealed under a panel on the ground that rises when approached and opens fire. It can either appear as a metal panel on the floor or as an innocent-looking patch of grass, depending on the area it is encountered in; with the former usually appearing in military bases and the latter in jungle-themed areas.

In most games, the turret shoots two consecutive bullets, with a short delay between one another, and then goes back to hide under the ground, coming out to attack again a moment later if the player is still in its vicinity. The gun can only fire straightforward, allowing the player to avoid their fire whether it is by jumping or sometimes even by going prone. Another good method to deal with these cannons is to jump over them and safely attack them from the rear, where they cannot shoot back.


Contra 4[]

In all the rest of the games in the series, Underground Turrets only appear in side-view stages, but in Contra 4, they can also be encountered in the third person corridor stages. Also, unlike their side-view counterparts, which shoot standard bullets, the Underground Turrets in the corridor levels instead shoot a large plasma ball that travels at great speed. Every time one of these turrets is about to shoot, a cue sound is heard right before it does so to alert the player of the incoming fire.

An organic variant of this turret, called the Shooting Eye, appears in Stage 8, Alien Hive. As its name states, it is an eye that behaves similarly as the standard Underground Turret, but which instead fires normal bullets and also has the ability to reposition itself between attacks.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

A variation of the Underground Turret appears in the Ruins. Its appearance is that of a stone trap, firing green energy bullets at intruders.


  • Even though most versions of Underground Turrets aim at the general legs area, in some games, it's still possible to avoid their shots by going prone.
  • In Contra: The Alien Wars, a turret can be destroyed if the player jumps directly on top of one. This is perhaps the only instance of an enemy being defeated by direct body contact without using a Barrier. Despite this, a turret can still inflict contact damage from the sides.



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