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Everything will eventually be annihilated.
~ Ultimate Etranzi in Contra Returns

Ultimate Etranzi is a playable character in Contra Returns.


After coming to the Void, young Sheena obtained new equipment. However, nothing was as simple as she imagined. Soon after, her psyche was eroded by another of her consciousnesses and started to reexamine this world.
~ In-game description

Sheena Ellanzer, from E-5 World Sheena, from E-1 World One, is now completely exposed to the sun. Overlapping and extruding houses, surrounded by rusted alloy pipes and gray metal fixtures. The most ornate edifice, draped in a bleak neon light, points blankly to the vast dome. "E-137 World. Ray sighed. Sheena? Ellanzer rubbed her eyebrows, she had no intention of looking at what was in front of her, she only felt that strange scenes kept flashing in her mind, jungles, swamps, tanks, old-fashioned jeeps...... "Sheena? Ray noticed something unusual and patted her on the shoulder with concern. Since she learned the secret of the White Bear Snowball, she has changed to a different person, her two ponytails have been dismantled, and her personality has become depressed. Sheena? Ellanzer came back to his senses, and a slight smile broke into his indifferent expression. This man's breath always calms her down. This is the second day of the Predator's sneak attack on Ember City. According to the information intercepted by the informant, the soul force and Dr.J lost the ultimate battle in the laboratory, and the Predator hurriedly crossed over from the E-5 world to rescue. They have broken through several squads from different levels, and have broken down all of Sora's defenses and approached the target. "Codename SRN01, are you okay there? Doyle's image popped up. "Roger. Sola is really not good, the information captured by the tip report must not be fake, right? Ray added, "Bill Lance, whom I know, isn't that weak. "Sheena, Nikolai, are you alright? Doyle ignored Ray. Port Base ...... Bunker...... Helicopter...... Sheena? Ellanzer began to be in a trance again, and strange images flashed in his mind. "It's fine. Ray touched his head, "Sheena probably didn't sleep well and was a little dizzy." Nikolai...... Uh, what about Nikolai! Where did this stinky boy go? He looked around, and Nikolai was long gone. An explosion was heard from the other end of the attack target's lab. Doyle cupped his forehead and said helplessly: "I have monitored Nikolai's whereabouts, and this kid didn't listen to the order again, and ran to Dr.J's laboratory alone." The whole army listened to the order and prepared to attack. Different corners of the lab are filled with Dr. Murphy. J's hologram, "they" keep the same motion, sitting around the Purification Chamber, reading a book. "Reason, Truth and History by Hilary Putnam, this is an interesting book. Nikolai suddenly walked in. Dr. J looked at him with interest, "Have you read it?" Nikolai pointed to his head: "That person still has a lot of consciousness left in my brain, and he has always had a strong interest in the thought experiments of 'brain in a jar'. Are you right, Dr. Mandela? No......" Nikolai smiled innocently, "I was almost confused, you are Dr. Murphy. J, it's not Dr. Mandela, but you two are too similar. Dr. J said with a smirk, "What a smart child." He stood up and looked at the Purification Pod, "You Predators, you have traveled all the way from the E-5 world to save them, right?" It's a pity that you're a step too late. There was a strange look in his eyes, and countless Dr. The sound of the hologram vibrates through the laboratory. "The rebel soul army has long been wiped out. This is their grave. 2.

"Explosion, falling apart!" Destroying the last mock turret, Sheena jumped into the arms of Snowbel, the white bear, "I've won again!" Big White Bear, and Brownies? I want a reward! Sheena lost her mother at a young age, and over the years, White Bear has watched her grow up and has been her closest nanny and best friend. He touched his head and smirked, "Little rabbit, we were teleported to this place, where is the brownie?" Sheena muttered and looked at her surroundings in disgust. This hellish place is either a mountain and a dense forest, or a wilderness rock pile, not to mention brownie, you can't find a mouthful of cream. Dozens of soldiers sat on the ground with their heads bowed. They wore steel helmets, camouflage uniforms, and 45-caliber automatic pistols, which were more advanced, nothing more than CAR-15 rifles, and so on. In short, compared to Sheena and White Bear's equipment, their weapons are like outdated antiques, no wonder they were defeated by this person in the military drill just now. The more the corporal thought about it, the more unconvinced he became, and Huo Di stood up, unloaded his gun and bayonet, and twisted his neck and limbs. "Little sister, except for Sergeant Quint, I haven't served a few people. He is an elite warrior of the Jackal Army, and he has always had a high heart and a hard temper, "If you have the ability, you don't need weapons, we will fight alone." It was right in Hina's arms. She put down the heavy weapon in her hand, removed the newly installed shoulder cannon, and said with a smile: "After this fight, I will let you call my sister!" The corporal teased: "I heard that your name is 'Artillery Sweetheart', isn't it good to put down the artillery and be a good sweetheart...... Before he finished speaking, he was punched in the nose. - When he really started to do it, the corporal realized that he was simply an idiot. He didn't know that Sheena had been living with her father in the guerrillas since she was a child, and she was proficient in top fighting skills such as Krav Maga and Sistema. Moreover, he had never weighed the weight of the hand-held cannon. When the weapon left her hand, Sheena seemed to have wings, moving and dodging, barely seeing a shadow, and between the two ponytails, it seemed that there was a sound of breaking the air. It didn't take long for the corporal to be beaten to the point that his nose was blue and his face was swollen, and he was twisted to the ground, his limbs and heads were tightly locked, and the soldiers on the side whistled, "Admit defeat!" Admit defeat! The corporal was about to surrender when he suddenly felt the strength on Sheena's legs loosen, and he quickly broke free. Looking up, Sheena's eyes were misty, and her steps were getting sluggish and sluggish, and the corporal wandered a few steps, tentatively swept her down with his legs, and actually hit her with one blow! Sheena fell to the ground. Just now, her mind suddenly dizzy, and some fragments flashed: Bill Lance's expression of wanting to speak, the back of the white bear, her mother's necklace...... "Big White Bear, do you have something to hide from me? In the silent darkness, her voice questioned. The corporal noticed something strange and hurried forward. Sheena was confused, the picture in her mind changed, and the world of E-137, Ray's concerned eyes, and the cyber army of Sola Corporation, appeared in the darkness...... The corporal came up and overlapped with Sora's cyber enemy in a trance, she was taken aback, and for a moment she couldn't tell the difference between the real and the false, and groped for the shoulder cannon on the ground - "Little rabbit, stop!" The white bear hurriedly pounced on her and held her down, "Lance has repeatedly told him that the shoulder cannon is a new weapon, and it is too lethal to be used in training, have you forgotten?" Sheena looked abrupt and didn't answer, vaguely feeling a little glimmer of light on her shoulder, as if someone was calling her name inside, and her voice was intermittent. Three, one month later. There is less than an hour left before the next attack. Huey helicopters soar through the sky, old songs are playing on a loop inside the M151 jeep, and the original M60 machine gun on the roof has been converted into a plasma cannon by Reims. "I said, really don't come to Marlboro? The Major asked. "Spare me, Major, I'm used to cigars, not to this delicate lady's cigarette. The rough smell of burnt tobacco lingered in the buggy, and Bill looked behind him and quipped, "Maybe the old orchid is suitable." The two of them laughed. The Major of the Jackal Unit is a fierce-looking tough guy, most of his face has been burned by ammunition, he wears an old-fashioned beret, the camouflage uniform with an olive green background is washed white, and the clothes are covered with a brand new mecha that does not match, this set of mecha has also been transformed and upgraded by Lance, Sadie and others. Bill listened to "Imagine" playing in the car, and said helplessly: "Your tastes ...... It's really vintage. The Major laughed, "The distance was lost by Dr. It's been many years since J teleported here, but I didn't expect the technology you brought here to be so advanced, and in comparison, we really should enter the museum. When it came to Dr.J, Bill Lance was puzzled. At first, the soul troops of the E-1 world traveled to the parallel world of E-137 to fight the evil Sora and Dr.J together with the rebels. In the end, the soul troops had obviously rushed to the laboratory to start the ultimate battle, but suddenly lost consciousness collectively. When everyone woke up, they were already lying on the beach, and they had come to such a strange new battlefield. This ghost place has high mountains and steep slopes, deep forests and dense grass, long and narrow coasts, dark swamps, and a humid and hot climate, which has never been seen before. As soon as they arrived, they were attacked by Dr.J's puppet army, and were helped by the Jackal Army. The Jackal Troop is the result of Dr. Lee's efforts to be teleported here over the years. The Rebel Alliance, a group that confronts the puppet army, rescues captured associates, and seeks a way out of this world. But this ghost place seems to have no way to get out at all, the enemy's scientific and technological level is not equal to the jackal troops, before fighting side by side with the soul troops, the jackal troops are backward in equipment, and they have been losing and retreating, and they are still breathing. The most bizarre thing is the enemy's high-end scientific research capabilities. Bill thought of Sheena's new shoulder cannon, a modification of mysterious equipment that Lance had captured from the puppet army, and which contained technology that even they weren't very good at. "Bill, Sheena has an accident again. Lance's voice came over the intercom. "She's fighting with the soldiers again? Or did the shoulder cannon glow and speak again? Bill remembered that one night, Sheena kept insisting that her shoulder cannon was making a sound, but the group didn't hear anything. "More than that. Lance was silent for a while, "After the fight with the soldiers, she has been in a daze, and she fainted yesterday, and she has been talking about the big white bear, mother, I am worried, she will become Sheena in the E5 world?" Elanzer knows all the truth......" "What's the matter, who told her? Bill frowned. Lance was silent for a while, and then said, "We guess...... Just like quantum entanglement, the Great Hina of the parallel world is estimated to have induced each other, and the consciousness has merged. Before Bill could answer, the major suddenly interrupted: "The war is about to start." The modified F105 fighter jet pierced the clouds, the off-road vehicle engine emitted a heavy roar, the fighters were ready to go, and the electromagnetic cannon and grenade launcher upgraded by Lance and others took on a new look. The puppet army in the distance was obviously aware of it, the gunboats on the coastline were gradually approaching, tanks and armored vehicles loomed on the hills, and the fortifications and batteries were crowded, revealing the puppet army's iconic wooden pith hat. Fourth, the battle line stretched for several miles, and the soul troops and soldiers charged in front, and the sound of artillery fire could be heard from afar. At the back of the camp, Sheena was still unconscious and asleep. "Mom...... White Bear ......," she muttered suddenly. The white bear's heart was clenched, and he remembered the woman in the lab, the smile she had smiled at him when she was dying, and his bloodied hands. He trembled all over, and in the bottom of his heart, he had always feared that this day would come. However, every day he had to face Sheena, face the picture of the woman on her necklace, and spend every day in fear and prayer and repentance. The sound of bombing is getting closer. Out of the instinctive danger sense of the creature, a chill suddenly erupted from the white bear's body! "The puppet army sneaked up on the rear of the camp to provide supplies! The puppet army sneaked up on the rear of the camp to provide supplies! Alarm signals came and went, and then Bill's hologram flashed: "Sheena, wake up, it's time to try a new weapon." The white bear in the tent calmed down and hurriedly ran out. In Sheena's hazy consciousness, it was as if she heard someone calling her. Bill's communications have been blocked by electromagnetic weapons, and someone else called her. "Sheena. The sound came from the shoulder cannon, and unlike the previous staccato signal, this time Sheena could hear it clearly. It was her own voice. Outside the camp tent in the rear, several puppet army tanks and the firepower of the logistics troops restrained each other, and the giant explosion-proof shield robot was like entering a no-man's land, rampage, invincible, and the fireballs frequently emitted from the weapons, setting off monstrous flames in the camp. The white bear rushed forward with an ice spray gun in hand. The heat and dust swept in, and the white bear could barely open his eyes, but he remembered Sheena's direction, and the ice spray gun spread out a large number of frost blades, striking the raging fire. He couldn't let the robot get close to Sheena's tent, as he had to watch over her every day and night. "Sheena, the world you are experiencing is fake, and everyone is deceiving you. The voice inside the shoulder cannon said. "There's something strange about the world, but ...... Who are you? Sheena wondered. "I'm the other you. The sound interrupted again, and time seemed to stand still in this moment. Sheena gasped, and suddenly, countless images invaded her mind—the secret of the white bear, the cause of her mother's death—no longer a fragment of shadows, but an incomparably clear consciousness, like a huge wave sweeping in, and she was sure that every wave was real. She and Sheena? Ellanzer's consciousness was completely blended at this moment. The white bear sent out a distress signal and ran around, in a precarious situation. Lance's signal was also transmitted intermittently: "Sheena, you're awake, the situation is urgent, quickly activate the shoulder cannon and go to save the big white bear!" Sheena! ......"Everyone is lying to you...... All are cheating. Whether it was Bill, or Lance, or White Bear, she tightened her grip on her necklace and plunged into the endless ice cellar. It's like a dark bedside story, where adults always take it upon themselves to tamper with the ending, but no one ever asks her if she's willing. Outside the tent, the white bear let out an earth-shattering roar and wail. Hina remembered the voice vividly, and every time he was besieged by the aliens, he would stand in front of her without hesitation, letting out an earth-shattering roar. "Sheena wake up, go save the white bear!" Why save him? He killed his mother...... She's obviously grown up, so why didn't anyone tell her the truth about the story? Adults are like guarding fragile gems, but invisibly, they overwhelm her with a heavier sense of distrust and deception. However, even she may not be sure: what can she do once she knows the truth of the matter? Question him, ignore him, or ...... Let him die? She closed her eyes, and her heart was constantly fighting, struggling, trying to dominate her heart with hatred, as if this was the only way to live up to the necklace in her palm. - However, at this time, the careful care of the white bear when she was injured, the brownies when she was sad, those frolicking, those companionship, at this moment, every frame and frame, but they were all real, constantly reflected in her mind. While those cold images are clear, these warm colors are clearer and more unquestionable. Like a beam of light shot into the chaotic dark night, Sheena's heart was bright, and she suddenly opened her eyes. White Bear lured the blast shield guards away from Sheena's tent and struggled to destroy several robots. He was almost half scorched with hair, and he lay on the ground dying. The rear was in disarray, and more and more puppet armies appeared. "I have to protect her. White Bear had only one thought, and he took his last breath and stood up tremblingly. "Snowball, get out of the way. A familiar and unfamiliar voice seemed to emerge from the ground. The white bear almost thought he was dreaming, "Is it a little rabbit?" She called me Snow......? He saw Sheena's blood-red eyes, and couldn't tell whether it was the reflection of the fire or the sourness of crying. He saw her indifferent and resolute face, and he saw her silently blocking in front of him, and in front of him were more than a dozen giant robots of explosion-proof shieldmen. "Get out of the way, bunny......" The scorching steam gushed in, the hot air currents enveloped the camp, and Sheena, without joy, glanced at the white bear, and the two ponytails spread out in the heat. "Get out. She threw three words at the puppet army, without any hesitation, and the shoulder cannon emitted a dazzling light. That's the choice she made, even if she knew the truth. There was no earth-shattering roar, and by the time the light was extinguished, all the puppet armies had been annihilated.

5. "Nikolai, you are such a clever child. Dr. J closed the book "Reason, Truth, and History" about the brain-in-a-vat thought experiment. It's been a long time since I last met Nikolai. Now that the laboratory where the Purification Pod is located is occupied by the Predators, Dr.J is sitting at another base, observing their movements through the Purification Chamber's hidden surveillance system. Did he see Sheena fainting? Ellanzer looked at the pensive Nikolai again, as if looking at himself. "Hmph, you can actually find a device to make Sheena in the world of E-5? Ellanzer communicates with Sheena in the E-1 world, but that's okay, that's still in my expectancy. Inside the Purification Chamber, Bill, Lance, and Sheena ...... The soul troops and the jackal troops all slept quietly. The instruments in the cabin sent electrical signals to their nerve endings, and slowly unfolded in their minds the virtual world with high mountains and steep slopes, deep forests and dense grass. I'm afraid it's hard for them to think that those puppet armies and those high-level weapons are just AI and program code written by Dr.J. "Soul troops, welcome to the spiritual prison that I have carefully built for you: the 'Void Illusion', it's justYour first stop, the Crimson Fortress. Dr. J flipped the switch, revealing a holographic projection of Bill, Lance, and Sheena in the Red Fortress, with a smile on his lips.


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