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Turrets are recurring enemies in the Contra series. They are armored mounted cannons that shoot projectiles at the player.


Turrets are fixed or rotating armored weapon mounts that house the mechanism of a projectile-firing weapon. They are generally controlled either automatically or remotely, without the need of personnel operating them manually.

A turret can be affixed to a fortress, ship, aircraft, or armored fighting vehicles. In fact, a vast number of enemies throughout the Contra series (mainly bosses) come armed with turrets, these generally being military vehicles. These cannons can usually be destroyed separately in order to alleviate the threat each poses, or sometimes destroying them is a requisite to defeat a boss.

Turrets have appeared in a variety of shapes and forms, each having a different behavior, whether they only aim in one direction or are able to rotate their guns and aim directly at the player. They can also fire different types of projectiles depending on their type, whether they shoot a single bullet, in bursts, launch missiles, or lob bombs.

Gulcans are turrets that are initially concealed, burrowed on the ground. They rise and start firing projectiles when approached.

Basquez, an enemy appearing in the original Contra, is a soldier hiding behind a weapon emplacement from which he fires a bazooka, behaving pretty much like a standard turret.

Jameera, an alien creature appearing in Super C for the NES, is a large head that protrudes from the ground and spews fast-traveling projectiles, acting very much like a turret.


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  • Jameera - An alien enemy that attacks very similarly to a turret.