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The Tri-Transforming Wall Walker (三段変形メカ ウォールウォーカー Sandan Henkei Mekau~ōruu~ōkā?, lit. "Tri-Transforming Mecha Wall Walker") is a miniboss in Contra III: The Alien Wars. It is a flying mechanical pod that can transform into three different forms.


The Tri-Transforming Wall Walker appears near the climbing section of the Factory Zone. It is an oval-shaped mechanical pod with metal spikes protruding from it and featuring a long metal shaft that spins around it. It can extend a large drill out of its body with which it can attack enemies. On the opposite side, it has a red core that acts as its weak spot.

The boss has the ability to transform into three different forms:

First form[]

Tri-Transforming Wall Walker - 03

As the player approaches the climbing section of the Factory Zone, the Wall Walker makes its appearance by ascending from the bottom of the screen and positioning itself at the center. It then starts spinning its metal shaft while periodically pulling out a menacing drill upward (the shaft spins at higher speeds on harder difficulty settings).

The pod leaves its weak spot pointing down and out of the line of fire from most weapons. The player can hang onto the shaft in order to acquire a good firing position as it spins; care must be taken that the drill is not active, though, lest the shaft takes the player directly to it. An alternative strategy is to use the Fire Gun (which is located at the beginning of this stage), which can pierce through the thick armor of the enemy and hit its core directly from the main pole where the hero hangs onto.

Once the robot has sustained enough damage, the pod will suffer an explosion and drop down engulfed in flames while violently spinning the shaft; care must be taken, as it might potentially snatch an unwilling player and drag them down along with the pod to their doom. Likewise, if this happens while the player is still hanging from the Walker, they must quickly find a pole to grab onto; otherwise, the Walker will fall all the way off the screen, taking the player with it.

The level will then start scrolling up, eventually leaving the player with no other option than to climb onto a nearby wall in order to stay alive. An additional set of missiles will be fired from offscreen upward toward the hero right before the auto-scrolling starts. This missile attack is most likely done by the pod in an attempt to take the hero down with it (as it fires similar missiles during its next phase).

Second form[]

Tri-Transforming Wall Walker - 04

The pod will soon make a reappearance, this time by extending two long mechanical "legs" from its body and attaching them to the wall, encasing the player within. It will then start to slowly ascend by walking onto the wall while launching pairs of missiles at the player (these can be destroyed).

The boss cannot be harmed during this phase.

Third form[]

Tri-Transforming Wall Walker - 05

As it reaches a certain section of the wall, the pod will attach its legs onto two loose segments and pull them out, revealing two railings full of spikes. It will then start using these retractile girders to launch itself toward the wall while attacking with a pair of drills. Its core will periodically open as it thrusts itself close toward the wall, which is only at this moment when the robot can be harmed.

The player must be careful not to allow themself to get cornered as the pod is attacking, and instead try to lure it in order to stay in a safe position where they can shoot at the core as the Walker attacks.

Once it has sustained enough damage, the mechanical monster will explode and the wall will return to its original position, finally putting an end to this menace.


  • In the Game Boy port, Contra: The Alien Wars, the Wall Walker has some slight modifications:
    • It doesn't feature the core that indicates its weak spot, although it still has to be shot in the same area to inflict damage to it.
    • In its first form, instead of a drill it shoots a stream of fire.
    • While climbing the wall, it only launches one missile at a time.
    • In its third form, it uses its body to attack instead of using a pair of drills when it launches toward the wall. The two retractable surfaces also don't contain visible spikes, although the surfaces are still lethal to the touch.
  • This enemy also appears in Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. It doesn't fire any missiles in this version.






  • Both of the Wall Walker's phases appear at the same time on the North American cover artwork of Contra III: The Alien Wars, despite both being the same enemy.
  • In a similar fashion, in the American instruction booklet of Contra III, an image of the first form of the Wall Walker appears labeled as "Chrome Dome"; this likely being the localized name for the Dome Defender (which does appear in both the Japanese and European booklets). The error apparently lies in showing a picture of the Wall Walker where the Dome Defender should have been. Furthermore, the Wall Walker appears twice on the same page for no apparent reason.
  • The boss Long Hand Guy from Contra: Hard Corps shares a similar design as the Tri-Transforming Wall Walker and seems to expand on its concept, also being an oval shaped pod with a red core and a large mechanical appendage that is fought in a multi-phased fight where it changes attack patterns during every phase.
Contra Shattered Soldier Mr Heli Robo 2

Mr. Heli-Robo similar attack from Shattered Soldier.

  • Mr. Heli-Robo, a miniboss from Contra: Shattered Soldier, has an attack that is very similar to the Wall Walker's second phase from Contra III, by trapping the player inside of two extending beams and then shooting destroyable missiles at them.

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