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The High Mobility Tracking Robot (高機動追尾ロボット Kō Kidō Tsuibi Robotto?) is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a giant mecha bearing a pair of extendible arms with giant spiked balls on their ends.


A giant mecha piloted by Deadeye Joe which has a pair of extendible arms with giant spiked balls on their ends.

In order to fight this boss, the player must choose the following option at the end of the first stage, City Battle:

  • "Go after Deadeye Joe"

After various encounters with Joe throughout the High Speed Fight level, the heroes finally catch up with him as he's riding the Small Battleship and manage to take it down. It is at this point that the end level boss fight properly starts.

First form[]

As the blimp-like vessel explodes, Joe somehow gets hold of a giant and imposing mecha called the High Mobility Tracking Robot. The view then changes to a rather unorthodox perspective, with the road viewed from the front and disappearing in the distance over the horizon, and the heroes running toward the screen while being chased by the Tracking Robot running at full speed.

The mecha's attacks during this phase of the fight include:

Attack Description
Tracking Robot Attack 1 (Taunt)
Rushes forward up one half of the road, raising its arms violently. This is the main time the boss is vulnerable to weapons fire.
Tracking Robot Attack 2 (Arm Stretch)
Sends out forward its two retractile spiked balls from the distance, one at a time. Each hand will attempt to home in on a hero's last position before it launches.
Tracking Robot Attack 3 (Stomp)
Leaps forward in an attempt to stomp on the player. The brief moment the mecha lands on the street, it is vulnerable to weapons fire.
Tracking Robot Attack 4 (Arm Smash)
Spins its arms wildly a few times and then sends out its two spiked balls toward each side of the screen, left and right, slightly moving them horizontally before retracting them.
Tracking Robot Attack 5 (Bomb Toss)
Launches six flashing spiked balls, one at a time, that land and explode, releasing a flame column each. The first bomb will be launched at one side of the screen, with the rest of the balls sweeping across in line toward the opposite side of the screen.

After the Tracking Robot has finished his repertoire of attacks, it will run toward the screen and remain near the player characters for a brief time, which gives a perfect opportunity to fire back at it and deal some damage. If the robot managed to withstand the punishment, it will retreat one more time and commence its attack patterns all over again.

Second form[]

Once the Tracking Robot has sustained enough damage, it will explode, only leaving its torso behind (where the cockpit is at). All the torso will do from now on is to start bouncing back and forth in an attempt to crush the player, occasionally remaining in place, spinning over itself, giving an opportunity to fire back at it.

Once the torso/cockpit has sustained enough damage, it will explode, ejecting Joe high up in the air. As the dust settles, Joe, defeated, laughs and tells the Hard Corps that he was just a decoy sent to distract them while his comrades stole the Alien Cell, and after uttering these last words, he activates a hidden device in his hand and blows himself up.


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