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Tomm Hulett is an American video game producer and director. He is a former employee of Konami Digital Entertainment and currently works at WayForward Technologies.

He was an associate producer for Contra 4 and the main director of Contra: Operation Galuga.


Born in Southern California, in the summer of 1992, after sixth grade, Tomm Hulett tested games part-time at Virgin Games. Two years later, he designed levels and bosses for an unreleased game titled Caverns of Nebulon for Above the Garage Productions.

After high school, Hulett, along with friends Keith Martineau and Carolyn Carter, founded an independent game development team called Team XKalibur. Their flagship title, Mythri, achieved some level of recognition from online sources, and they tried for many years to get a publisher to sign the project, going so far as to post an online survey which received over 4,000 signatures. Even though the game was never released, Hulett met many people in the industry, including some friends at Atlus USA.

He started at Atlus as a tester in 2001. He tested while also working on Mythri, but eventually moved on to do localization writing for the company, and later produced the US versions of several titles, including Steambot Chronicles and the Trauma Center series.

Hulett graduated in 2003 from the California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Creative Writing emphasis.

He formerly worked at Konami Digital Entertainment, where he worked on such titles as Contra 4 and Silent Hill: Origins as an Associate Producer. In January 2013, he left Konami and moved to WayForward Technologies, where he worked as the main director of Contra: Operation Galuga.


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