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A giant alien that looks like an earthworm, it prefers to live underground and hates sunlight. Touching the blue beard on its face makes it tingling and hurts.
~ Translated description from Shattered Soldier

Tissue Helminth is a boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


An alternate interpretation of Java, the Tissue Helminth is a form Lance Bean takes after combining with the Alien Cell that he implanted inside his body. It is an enormous earthworm-like alien creature that inches around the walls and tries to fill up the whole area with its long, segmented body. Its sides can be walked on, but its head is deadly, requiring the heroes to make a long jump over it. Its head is also its weak point. It keeps advancing until the worm runs out of room, mere inches toward its body.

Although it appears as the player can be crushed from lack of maneuvering room, the boss will leave a tiny space available for the heroes to hug and avoid being crushed. After a few seconds of being idle, the worm reverses direction until it retreats backward into the hole from whence it originated from.

Because of its behavior, this worm is uniquely one of the only bosses during Lance's Alien Boss gauntlet that does not need to be defeated, and can simply be avoided. The boss however is worth 5% Hit Rate, meaning it must be destroyed before it retreats in order to achieve a high Player Ranking.



Bahamut Overdrive Form 2 Atk 2
  • According to the official Shin Contra Hard Spirits Guide, Tissue Helminth is actually an incarnation of Java.
  • The boss's strategy is reminiscent of the second attack of Bahamut Overdrive's second form, where his right head extends around the battlefield, requiring players to avoid its long deadly neck and head.


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