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The ruler of the Commonwealth calls himself the "Emperor" and has built his empire by invading neighboring nations. He organized his Death Squad to eradicate enemy armies.
~ In-game description

Tiberius is the main antagonist in Hard Corps: Uprising. He is the leader of the Commonwealth.


The ruler of the Commonwealth, Tiberius calls himself the "Emperor" and has built his empire by invading neighboring nations. He organized his "Death Squad" to eradicate enemy armies. He is also revealed to be Sayuri's adoptive father through her story.

Tiberius is the final boss, appearing in the eighth stage of the game, Battle Ship. Once defeated, he will stab himself through the chest using his own sword, triggering a grotesque transformation. Now calling himself "Tiberius Augustus" (火々狐 Hohogitsune?), he will start a second boss battle as a big mutant. Once defeated again and with his airships falling from the sky, Tiberius' dropping body will keep mutating and acquire a giant and flying form known as "Tiberius Invictus" (石天狗鬼鞍馬 Ishitengu Onikurama?), setting the very final boss battle in the game.


  • "You again. So you want me dead? I am going to enjoy this battle."





  • As with many leader characters featured in the Contra series, he is named after a historic Roman figure, in this case emperor Tiberius, who ruled from A.D. 14 until 37.
    • Tiberius's first form during his boss fight is named "Tiberius Augustus". The historic Tiberius full name was Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus. Augustus was his stepfather, whom Tiberius succeeded as emperor.
  • Tiberius's second form during his boss fight is named "Tiberius Invictus". Invictus is Latin for "invincible" or "unconquerable".
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  • An alternate version of Tiberius is mentioned in Contra Returns, where he is also the Emperor of the Commonwealth and father of Claudius, the main antagonist of the game.
    • The father of the real life Tiberius was Tiberius Claudius Nero.
      • Coincidentally, the name Nero is the name of one of the members of the Triumvirate. It is unknown if Nero possesses any known relation to Tiberius in the Contra series.
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