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Hey guys!! Congratulations on your safe return!
But time is coming to an end.
The next opponent will be me,
the leader of this plan. Wait for me!
~ Pre-stage cutscene dialogue

Thunder Wolf[2] (called the "head honcho" by the C-Force) is the final boss of Contra Force. He is stated to be the leader of the terrorist plot taking place during the events of Contra Force.


An elite commando with little background information. He wears green pants and is fought shirtless, much like most of the commandos from the Contra Organization. He possesses red eyes, though it is unclear if this is due to hardware. His dialogue box depicts him wearing dog tags and holding a knife (to which he never uses in-battle).

After the C-Force secures stolen Plutonium from an enemy airship, the team regroup back at C-Force Headquarters. Just then, they receive a message from an enemy commando. With a sarcastic congratulation, he informs the team that he is the leader of the plan caused by D.N.M.E., and that he will be the team's last opponent.

As the next stage starts, the windows immediately crash open, with the commando bursting through and pulling out his Machine Gun. He then begins to run through the building as right as possible, causing damage along the way to the building and with the C-force pursuing him from behind. At times, the commando will lob two grenades in an arc and make big leaps, sometimes falling into pits left behind by his mass destruction. He can be damaged but it is unknown if he can be defeated during the chase. He moves slightly faster than the player characters, making it near impossible to catch up to him. When he reaches an off-screen section of the screen, he vanishes and his henchmen soon swarm the area. If he reaches the rightmost portion of the stage, he will jump through the walls until he is off-screen and vanishes. The boss can also be seen riding an elevator to the roof of the Headquarters, lobbing grenades during his lift upward.

Eventually, the commando reaches the roof, which is where the C-Force should be headed at. Past the view of Neo City toward the leftmost side of the stage is a plain blue sky backdrop, where the boss awaits. At this final Battlezone, the Commando drops from a silver helicopter and retaliates with grenades and his Machine Gun, as well as making further leaps across the roof. Aiding him is his helicopter, which will fly around and fire missiles at the heroes during the battle. The helicopter can absorb shots but appears to receive no damage, so the heroes concentrate firepower on the commando in charge. Successful, the C-Force avoided death and delivered massive blows to the commando, who stands in place and screams before his demise. As he falls, the helicopter above him explodes.

It is never revealed if he was the true leader in charge of D.N.M.E. or simply the leader of the terrorist attack put in charge by a higher-up from D.N.M.E. The ending possibly alludes to the latter, as the text states that "a suspicious figure is lurking behind" Burns.



  • His dialogue box is taller than every other character's.
  • His sprite bears a slight resemblance to the original design of Amazo from DC Comics.
    • Some of his side sprites also bear a slight resemblance to Douglas Quaid's sprite from Total Recall, also on the NES (minus a covered upper half).
  • The name Thunder Wolf may come from a possible combination of Blue Thunder and Airwolf, two popular TV series during the 1980s starring state of the art combat helicopters (to which the boss is coupled with one).


  1. "Where's that head honcho Fox was talking about?" - C-Force during the stage 1-2 cutscene transition.
  2. Unconfirmed name. The name Thunder Wolf exists in the instruction booklet, but it is unclear what it specifically labels besides the ambiguously named helicopter.
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