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Keep an eye on the sky, because the old mill is now used as a landing pad for alien aircraft and a bizarre assortment of wicked winged creatures.
~ Contra III instruction booklet description

The Factory Zone (ェ場地薦 Kōbachitai?, lit. "Industrial District") is the third stage in Contra III: The Alien Wars. It is an old industrial zone that has been taken over by the alien forces.


The player must climb up to reach higher levels. The Factory Zone is divided into several sections. In the first section, the commandos must navigate a long skywalk filled with slopes, missing sections and elevated scaffoldings. The uneven terrain and various slopes make for an ideal staging point for the Rotating Duckers to roll into the commandos while the scaffolding is populated by alien sharpshooters.

Soon, the commando will reach the end of the skywalk with only a series of metal rails to hold onto and continue on their way. As soon as they hop on the rail, a horde of Gigaflies will descend upon the Contras. They must fend off the seemingly unlimited horde of flying aliens as they slog their way through, while avoiding getting carried away or falling to their death.

At the end of the rail, a metallic alien-faced UFO will intercept the commandos, armed with barbed body, a jagged metal drill on its top, which it will try to drill the Contras with, and two slow speed vertical rotor blades which the heroes may safely latch onto and rotate down below the UFO to snipes its red weak spot underneath. Great care must be taken, as just as the UFO catches fire and explodes, the rotor blades will spin out of control and could hurl the commandos to their death if they mistimed their jump back to the main rail line.

The UFO quickly recovers, however, and begins hunting down the commandos anew by sending a volley of destructible missiles from offscreen, forcing them to take the service ladder and begin ascending the main manufacture building. The alien UFO reappears shortly after, now sporting two metal legs, trapping the commandos in the space between its legs and periodically firing off twin missiles from its back. Fending off the missiles as the player slowly makes their way up while avoiding getting crushed by its feet.

Once reaching the suitable ambush point, the alien UFO will use both of its legs to pull out two rows of razor spikes covering the top and bottom of the area and form and inescapable cage that traps the player in. Aiming for its newly revealed weak spot as it once more tries to ram the player with its twin fang drills. With enough firepower applied, this enemy will explode again and this time it'll be destroyed for good.

Keep climbing and don't stop, as several sharpshooters will take potshots at the player from the opposite side. Once atop more metal platforms, another flying aircraft comes and bombards the heroes with bombs and enemy troops. Nothing a bit of gunfire can't handle. Past this, grab the Barrier Shield and run right up to the enemy's front door. Show them you're here to make a house call and clean house! Climb to the top and take out the enemy's toys before facing off against Big Fuzz himself.





Minor changes are present in Contra: The Alien Wars:

  • At the top of the first factory climb, past the Tri-Transformer's defeat, an infinite volley of missiles is fired upon by the base. These missiles aim high, causing jumps to be dangerous. The missiles cease once the base is reached.






Game Title Audio Usage
Contra III: The Alien Wars Battle Runner BGM
Bloody Storm Big Fuzz boss fight
Contra: The Alien Wars Battle Runner BGM
Bloody Storm Big Fuzz boss fight
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX Battle Runner BGM
Bloody Storm Big Fuzz boss fight


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