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A maze of streets and bridges that have been overrun by a strange breed called the Twylobites who hoard power-ups.
~ Contra III instruction booklet description

The Destroyed Highway (礦壊された髙遷遭路 Hakai Sa Reta Kōzokudōro?) is the second stage in Contra III: The Alien Wars.


The stage is set on an abandoned highway seen from a top-down perspective. Fortunately for the player there is no time restriction, but because the enemies are always on the move, are armed and there are set number of enemy stations scattered throughout the stage which must be destroyed in order to progress, the player will end up constantly moving.

Before the stage begins, the player will be given the choice of choosing where the starting point will be. Wherever the spot they choose, that is where the stage will start.

The player is to seek out and destroy five Dome Defenders to clear the area and thus gain access to engage the boss of this stage, the Bosco Spider. Enemies will attack from all directions, can shoot and will attempt to snipe the player. Taking out Dome Defenders may take time, as they are durable and enemies which defend it will strafe fast bullets at the player. When destroyed, Domes will leave either a power-up weapon or a bomb behind. Crawler Tanks are persistent and will also strafe fast bullets, but they will be destroyed once their head is taken out.

In addition, there are mines scattered throughout the stage. These will not explode immediately upon stepped on, and instead will take a second to blow up, so the player is advised to move away quickly after stepping over one. Although enemy troops cannot trigger the landmines themselves, the explosions left behind can be cleverly used against them. These landmines award a player 500 points to whomever triggered their explosion. Another factor to watch out for is the cracked pavement: upon treading over one of these patches, the cracked floor will collapse and leave only a small piece to stand on. If a player is walking on top of the falling floor during its crumbling, they need to keep moving straight ahead without stopping before it completely crumbles away. Otherwise, unless the player is standing at the correct spot of the remaining platform piece, they will fall off to their doom.

There are also buffers laid throughout the stage; while they may block the player's shots and hinder their movement, they also do the same to enemies, so the player can use these factors to their advantage.






Game Title Audio Usage
Contra III: The Alien Wars Select the Landing Point Starting point selection screen BGM
Megalopolis BGM
Bloody Storm Bosco Spider boss fight
Contra: The Alien Wars Megalopolis BGM
Bloody Storm Bosco Spider boss fight
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