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Once a bustling metropolis, now busted up rubble swarming strange terrorists and Man-Faced Mutts. Take a tour on an abandoned tank for the ride of your life.
~ Contra III instruction booklet description

Occupied City Street (占領された市街地 Senryō Sa Reta Shigaichi?, lit. "Occupied Urban Area") is the first stage in Contra III: The Alien Wars. They are the remains of Neo City (on Earth) after Emperor Demon Gava's initial attack that wiped out much of the populace and infrastructure. It had then been overrun by the Red Falcon army during the Alien Wars.


The stage is set on an abandoned city street that is still in the middle of ferocious battle between the Red Falcon intergalactic army and Earth's military forces. Near the middle of the level, a Federation's air force plane can be seen bombarding the targeted area, engulfing everything in lethal flames as a result, which the player must cross.

The heroes begin their conquest to liberate Earth from the alien invaders here. This stage is no short of infinitely spawning troops and mechanical war machines. At the end of a long trek, the two heroes face a beast unlike never before encountered.







  • In Hard Mode, the large fireballs during the second half of the stage cannot be destroyed.
  • On harder difficulties of Contra: The Alien Wars, the fireballs and flame jets have increased speed.



Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Contra: The Alien Wars[]



Game Title Audio Usage
Contra III: The Alien Wars It's Time for Revenge BGM
Bloody Storm Taka boss fight
Contra: The Alien Wars It's Time for Revenge BGM
Bloody Storm Taka boss fight
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX It's Time for Revenge BGM
Bloody Storm Taka boss fight


  • In the English localization of Contra III, the ruined city is identified as "The Streets of Neo City" (originally the city was nameless in the Japanese version); Neo City being where the events of Contra Force take place, making it one of the only links this game has with the rest of the Contra series, possibly being the same city just in a different time period (over six hundred years earlier).
    • This reference is carried over to the U.S.-developed sequel Contra 4, where Neo City serves as the setting for the seventh stage.
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