Tetranducker (テトランダッカー Tetorandakkā?) is a miniboss in Contra III: The Alien Wars. It is a bipedal robot that can run at great speed.


Attacks midway through the Air Battle level, right after Sergeant Dodriguez takes off. A large bipedal robot with a mounted cannon. Despite moving only with two mechanical legs, it can run at great speed, even matching that of the player's hover bike.

It descends without warning from the sky and starts jumping in front of the player; every time it does so, it quickly curls and uncurls its legs in an attempt to smack them off their vehicles. It then starts running in front of the player while shooting its cannon.



  • Its name is a reference to two enemies from the Gradius series: the Tetran and the Ducker. Its appearance also appears to be a mixture between the two, having a turret body and tentacle limbs.

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