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Tetranducker (テトランダッカー Tetorandakkā?) is a miniboss in Contra III: The Alien Wars. It is a bipedal robot that can run at high speed.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

A large bipedal robot with a mounted cannon. Despite moving only with two mechanical wheeled legs, it can run at a very high speed, even matching that of the player's Jet Motorcycle. It attacks midway through the Air Battle level, right after Sergeant Dodriguez takes off.

It descends from the sky without warning and starts jumping in front of the player; every time it does so, it quickly curls and uncurls its legs in an attempt to smack them off their vehicles. It then starts running in front of the player while firing missiles from its cannon. Its cannon/head is the weak point and during its highest point in its jumps, a player can quickly pass underneath the robot, if need be. If enough consecutive damage is inflicted, during its ground movement it will quickly jump again without prolonged ground exposure. If aimed carefully, the Tetranducker can effectively be stun locked to only its jumps, though caution should be advised as to where it will land at as its landing can sometimes force the player to be boxed in between the robot and the screen, potentially killing the player by the robot's legs.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

A variation of the Tetranducker appears during the Capital Highway stage, once again as a mid-point boss. Serving under the Commonwealth, this design boasts four legs and a black colored motif sporting the Commonwealth insignia in numerous places. It rolls onto the roadway after a brief warning, then commences to the right side of the screen to commence with its following attack pattern:

Attack Description
Attack 1
Uprising Tetranducker Attack 1
On the right side of the screen, it unloads multiple spiked bombs that have varying levels of bouncing. These bombs can be destroyed and each one will add 0.5 to the Combo Meter, but will not reward any Score/CP. After a while, the Tetranducker will cease and roll straight toward the player(s) while activating a mid-long range flamethrower. The heroes must either crouch under its legs as it moves or time a precise Double Jump over its head.
Attack 2
Uprising Tetranducker attack 2
After being positioned on the left side, it produces more spiked bombs. The player can become completely safe from this attack if they crouch directly underneath the Tetranducker. It should be noted that the player can actually move while crouching during this time, due to Hoverboard controls. After a while, the robot will cease the bombs and unleash its flamethrower again, this time crouching to a lower position (damaging anyone underneath it) while soon moving back to the right side of the roadway, where it will cease its flamethrower and loop its attack pattern. Double jumping is needed to avoid being hit during its forward movement.

Multiple Tetranducker also appear during the opening cutscene of Uprising, alongside the massive Commonwealth Empire. The Tetranducker's theme is Common_Boss_Mini, which is shared with the Defense Wall.




Sprites and models[]


  • Both the appearance and name of this enemy are references to two enemies from the Gradius series (also by Konami), the Tetran and the Ducker. It has a turret-like body, like that of the Ducker, and long tentacle-like legs, like the limbs of the Tetran.

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