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I'll be back!
~ Terminator in Contra Returns

The Terminator is a playable character in Contra Returns. He is a guest character from the Terminator franchise.


From the outside, this half-human, half-machine organism created by Skynet looks like an ordinary person. He was reprogrammed by John Connor, the leader of the resistance, and has become a soldier defending humankind.
~ In-game description

The Terminator is a title used to describe a character from the franchise of the same name to which they originate from. Naturally, a Terminator is a pure cybernetic machine created solely by other machines to hunt down and destroy the human race, although in some instances, a Terminator can be reprogrammed for other tasks. Some also wear human flesh as a disguise to better suit their tasks, most notably the disguise of famous movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (who is also the inspiration for the Contra character Bill Rizer).



  • The Snatchers, the main antagonists of Konami's eponymous 1988 cyberpunk adventure video game Snatcher, bear a striking resemblance to a T-800 Terminator unit, with the latter likely being the main inspiration for the former.
  • Coincidentally in the 1984 film The Terminator, the name "SUPER C RANCH" can be seen on a billboard during an outside night scene.

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