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Tasha is a character and one of the main protagonists in Contra: Legacy of War.


Swift, silent, deadly. Tasha once destroyed a HF-77 Assassin Cybot with one hit for making fun of her. She doesn't have a sense of humor, for in her job it would only get in the way. Her style is always the consummate professional, all business, all the time.

A former intergalactic mercenary, she joined the newly reformed E.S.F. (Elite Special Forces) because of the respect she gained for Ray in a previous assault on Kyhsak II.

She can kill in many ways and, ironically enough, prefers heavy firepower because she says she enjoys the fireworks.


Contra: Legacy of War[]

Tasha, alongside Ray, Bubba, and CD-288, was sent on a mission to stop Colonel Bassad. After making their way from a city into a hidden mountain fortress and subduing the colonel, the team was then absorbed into Bassad's brain as a last-ditch effort. Faced with several previously fought enemies, the four soldiers struggled to survive the onslaught of attacks in Bassad's degrading mind.

Overcoming the mind games, the team was inexplicably teleported onto a satellite planet which housed the last forces of the alien threat, and which was subsequently eliminated. The planet then exploded and the heroes were sent drifting in uncertainty on a broken piece of rock from the planet. Behind them, an arthropod alien was revealed to be hanging on the side of the rock.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

Following the events at the end of Legacy of War, the meteorite where the four heroes and the surviving alien made their escape crashes near a Mayan temple somewhere in South America, and shortly afterward, the edification is occupied by an alien life form staging an invasion. Tasha is sent alone in order to infiltrate the occupied temple, but goes missing during the operation.

Ray is brought back from retirement in order to re-establish contact with her and neutralize the alien invaders. Along his mission, he recovers video footage where Tasha is seen entering the already infested temple, when suddenly a giant alien attacks and presumably kills her, ending the video abruptly with her screaming.

Ray makes his way deep into the infested temple and confronts the leading alien entity, which is revealed to be a largely grown form of the surviving alien.



  • "I enjoy the fireworks."