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An edible organism created by using genetic manipulation. Red meat is especially the best of this rare species. People can eat this raw meat, but it is more popular when eaten with mustard pickles.
~ Official description of Tarakoid S

The progenitor species of later Tarakoids. Unlike cultured products, it has neurotoxins inside its internal organs. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a license for cooking. It has a slightly astringent taste and possess different tastes than cultured products.
~ Official description of Tarakoid M

Tarakoids (陰禿奇獣タラコイド In Hage Ki-jū Tarakoido?, lit. "Shark Bald Beast Tarakoid") are two minibosses that appear in Neo Contra.


It is essentially an amphibious alien creature that resembles a walking, mobile labia or vaginal lips, or possibly resembling a pair of sushi rolls. The monster has frog legs. There are two species of this creature, the Tarakoid S in Stage 3 and the Tarakoid M in Stage 5. They are considerably weak and easy to kill.

The one in Mission 03 crawls from above the mountains and blocks over the door, where it occasionally spews a pair of purple toxins on the floor that dissipate over time. While the player(s) fire on the creature, they may still be bombarded by enemy Greeder units. Enough damage will cause it to fall over, flat on its back lifelessly.

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