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The Takedda Robot (3体合体変形メカ・タケッダーロボ 3-Tai Gattai Henkei Meka Takeddā Robo?, lit. "Three-bodied Transforming Enemy Takedda Robot") is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps. The boss is actually comprised by a trio of robots that have the ability to combine between themselves in order to adopt a variety of forms.


Fought at the end of Sea Struggle. In order to find this level, choose the following options:

  • "Rescue the research center"
  • "Fight to the end"


The Takedda Robot is actually a trio of robots that face the player on their way to the final battle with Colonel Bahamut. They have the ability to combine between themselves in order to adopt a variety of forms, each with its own particular repertoire of attacks.

Yellow airship
Takedda Yellow

At the beginning of the encounter, each robot attacks individually. It starts with the flying yellow one, which locks onto the player and fires a barrage of bullets. Its second attack consists of flying off-screen, then flying straight in the opposite direction whilst leaving a number of slowing descending red-blue bombs. If these bombs are fired upon, they will quickly fall and leave behind a pillar-like explosion. To defeat it, move after it has locked-on with its first attack and keep blasting it while avoiding its second attack. This enemy grants 3,000 points when defeated.

Blue blade
Takedda Blue (Closed)

The blue underwater robot comes next. After swimming for a while, it will stand still and fire off a long bladed arm at our hero(es) location. This is done up to three times before swimming again and repeating the process. If the player is quick enough, it can be defeated even before it has a chance to attack. This enemy is worth 5,000 points.

Red dolphin
Takedda Red

The red dolphin-like robot follows, which jumps from below. It enters by diving in and out of the waters like an actual dolphin, attempts to harm the player with tackles. Once off-screen, it then follows a pattern where it dives right to left and vice versa, jumping over the player as it does so. On occasion, it may try to target a player's location directly with a swift aerial dive. It cycles through all of these attacks until defeated. Avoid it and open fire to defeat it, using the slide move whenever necessary. The victor is granted 7,000 points for this enemy's defeat.

Transformer boss[]

After all three robots have been dealt with individually, they will proceed to combine between themselves in order to create different and more dangerous forms.

Takedda Transformation 1 (Sprite)

Their first combination is a running humanoid form capable of immense speed. Its first attack involves cornering itself in the left side of the screen, then performing a series of flips toward the right side of the screen. The player must move under the robot as it flips to avoid being crushed. Once at the right side of the screen, it will walk on its drill arms while launching homing missiles (which can be destroyed and grant 100 points each). After this, he will flip once more back to the right side of the screen, so the player should move under him once more. When enough HP is lost, the robot will slow down and be off-screen for a brief second, before rushing back in headfirst directly at the player, body slamming the pavement. At the right side of the screen, the player must jump over the robot twice as it rushes and skids across the pavement. Alternatively, the player can avoid the first half of the body slam if they hug the left side of the screen before the robot slams into the pavement (requiring only one jump to avoid the robot's return slide). This attack leaves the robot offscreen for a brief second before getting back up and returning to its running onscreen. Its constantly repeats these two attacks until defeated. Fire directly at the robot's blue chest to damage it. Enough hits will disrupt this transformation.

Takedda Transformation 2 (Bird) Sprite

Takedda then adopts a running bird-like form that flails around and stomps the ground before ultimately unleashing its attacks:

Attack Description
Flies to the left and unleashes a lightning blast from its mouth. Get close to its chest in order to avoid it.
Walks off-screen, then returns pecking the ground while fast-walking. Watch its movement closely and aim for its chest if possible.
Flies high in the sky off screen. When it shrieks, it will soon dive bomb at the street. To avoid it, our hero(es) must move to one edge of the screen, then alternate to the opposite side before it returns. The Bird robot always starts the first dive bomb coming from the left, so start hugging the left screen once the screech is heard! After this attack, the bird robot will either return to its leftmost position, or follow up this attack with the egg-laying attack.
Flies to the right over our hero(es) and lays egg bombs. Jump over the spheres and blast the bird if possible. The Bird robot almost always commences with this attack immediately after its Dive-Bomb attack.

This robot's weakness is the red chest and fire should be concentrated on there. The yellow "legs" and silver neck can absorb bullet fire harmlessly.

Takedda Transformation Sprite 3 (Robot)

Its final form consists of a cyborg with tank treads capable of blocking bullet fire. It flails its arms and occasionally bangs them together before commencing with its attacks:

Attack Description
His upper torso hovers in midair while its tank treads bang both sides of the screen quickly. Jump over the treads and fire at the upper torso. The attack ends once the treads reconnect with the robot.
Fares off a huge volley of bullets in the air, then shields himself with his arms. Stay exactly still on the blue targeting square to avoid the bombardment of bullets. If the player is on the targeting square area, the bullets will not harm the player if they are jumping. Despite Takedda covering itself with its arms, it is still vulnerable to Weapons fire at this time.
Takedda Robot combo 3
Takedda repositions itself toward the left sideof the screen. Then, using the red robot's tail, Takedda grows a big durable pole from its hand and twirls it around before rushing forward and stabbing the ground as it aims for the player. When this is done, it traps the player between the robot itself and the pole. Takedda then begins to move slightly backward and then slowly moves back and forth in an attempt to either crush the player under its treads or damage them with its pole. Move carefully toward him while firing to avoid being touched by either the pole or the grinding treads. The pole can absorb most Weapons fire. After some time passes, the robot stands still and retracts the pole, itself preparing its next attack.

The tall blue and red body is vulnerable to weapon's fire at any given time.

Note that before all three transformations occur, the robots are lethal to touch. The player should constantly hug the right side of the screen until their transformations are complete. They absorb bullet fire during their transformation preparation. Each transformation defeated is worth 15,000 points to the player who landed the finishing blow. After defeating the final transformation, the three robots will attempt to recombine one last time, but end up going haywire and collide with each other, exploding in one big fireball.


  • The name of the boss may have originated from Takeda ☆ Takashi, who is credited for enemy programming.
  • The three vehicles combining in diverse ways and adopting different forms appear to be a reference to the Getter Robo series. Takedda's first and third forms are very similar to the Getter-2 and Getter-3 forms of the eponymous robot from the anime.
  • There are also Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from Konami to which these machines are heavily based off of. Like the robots, they can transform into more powerful variations (seen in the anime):
    • X-Head Cannon: Has a blue sphere similar to the blue blade, but also has yellow, and uses the yellow airship's turrets.
    • Y-Dragon Head: A variation of the red dolphin.
    • Z-Metal Tank: Ironically, a yellow tank instead of a ship.
    • XYZ-Dragon Cannon: Combines just like in-game. Resembles the third transformation (tank boss).
    • These cards have also received more newer variations and spin-offs, some of which can combine with the original(s).