The Takedda Robot (3体合体変形メカ・タケッダーロボ 3-Tai Gattai Henkei Meka Takeddā Robo?, lit. "Three-bodied Transforming Enemy Takedda Robot") is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps. They are a trio of robots that have the ability to combine between themselves in order to adopt a variety of forms.


Fought at the end of Sea Struggle. In order to find this level, choose the following options:

  • "Rescue the research center"
  • "Fight to the end"


The Takedda Robot is actually a trio of robots that face the player on their way to the final battle with Colonel Bahamut. They have the ability to combine between themselves in order to adopt a variety of forms, each with its own particular repertoire of attacks.

Takedda Robot 1

At the beginning of the encounter, each robot attacks individually. It starts with the flying yellow one, which locks onto the player and fires a barrage of bullets. To defeat it, move after it has locked-on and keep blasting it.

Takedda Robot 2

The blue underwater robot comes next. If the player is quick enough, it can be defeated even before it has a chance to attack.

Takedda Robot 3

The red dolphin-like robot follows, which jumps from below. It follows a pattern where it moves left to right, then jumps over the player to the left, and then to the right a few times. It then attempts to target the player with tackles before restarting the pattern. Avoid it and open fire to defeat it, using the slide move whenever necessary.

After all three robots have been dealt with individually, they will proceed to combine between themselves in order to create different and more dangerous forms.

Takedda Robot combo 1

Their first combination is a running humanoid form which dive-tackles the player. Jump every time he performs this move and keep firing. He also performs handstand flips in an attempt to crush them; move under him at this moment. After walking on his hands a bit, he will flip back, so the player should move under him, performing the slide move if necessary.

Takedda Robot combo 2

Takedda then adopts a running bird-like form that flails around before unleashing a lightning blast from its mouth. Get close to it in order to avoid it.

Takedda Robot combo 3

He then turns into a tank-like form that grows a big pole from his hand and tries to stab the player with it. He gets in close and slams the pole down behind the player, trapping them between him and the pole. Move carefully toward him while firing to avoid being touched by either the pole or the grinding treads.

After defeating this last form, the three robots will attempt to recombine one last time, but will end up going haywire and exploding in a big fireball.


  • The three vehicles combining in diverse ways and adopting different forms appear to be a reference to the Getter Robo series. Takedda's first and third forms are very similar to the Getter-2 and Getter-3 forms of the eponymous robot from the anime.