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Call me your Royal Highness!
~ Suzaku in Contra Returns

Suzaku is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A princess from the East, her mother is of the mysterious Suzaku. An unexpected solar storm caused her body to change, inhibiting her free radicals and turning her into a warrior capable of mastering the mysterious powers of the Phoenix.
~ In-game description

The afterglow of the evening outlines the eaves of the courtyard's rocks, and the fine light and shadow reflect the lifelike wings on the painting paper more colorfully.

Daughter Qiwu came over curiously, "Mom, what kind of bird is this? Why are its wings so colorful?" The girl, "The divine bird that guards the south, sacrificed for everyone, and was reborn from Nirvana after death."

"Nirvana——" This esoteric word first appeared in Qiwu's little head. At this time, she was bandaging the wound of a wounded red bird. The bird fluttered its wings, as if thanking her.

Mother continued, she knew that one day Qiwu would understand this profound truth, "Gain greater strength in pain, and then return. My family is called the 'Suzaku Clan', just to commemorate it."

"Where is it?" Qiwu asked.

"Suzaku is everywhere." Xueyan took off the necklace around her neck and put it on for Qiwu, "This phoenix feather necklace contains the soul of Suzaku, it will protect you."

Qiwu lowered her head and saw three delicate metal phoenix feathers strung together on a thin silver chain, with a gem embedded in the middle of the phoenix feathers, shining brightly in the setting sun. Isn't it just a beautiful necklace!

"Hmph! I don't believe it. It must be made up by grown-ups to deceive children", Qiwu said disapprovingly. "I'm not young anymore. I can protect myself, protect my mother, and save the world!"

Xueyan smiled and patted Qiwu's head, "Oh? Then you can't be naughty when you meditate next." Qiwu looked disapproving, cross-legged next to her mother, but couldn't help but twist around.

Xueyan is calm and indifferent. She has lived such a life accompanied by piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, and meditation since she was a girl.

That was the first time Qiwu heard the story of Suzaku. But now, Xueyan is lying in the frozen cabin, and will never tell stories to Qiwu again.

The alien invasion broke Qiwu's carefree life.

On the night when the royal palace was attacked, an alien pounced on the stunned Qiwu, and when she opened her eyes again, she curled up under her mother, her face and hands were covered with her mother's bright red blood. Xueyan, who was bitten by the alien, was quickly eroded by the virus, and freezing was the only way for the researchers to make her survive.

Looking at the bloodless mother in the cryogenic cabin, Qiwu touched the phoenix feather necklace on her chest, how she wished that Suzaku would really have supernatural powers to wake up her sleeping mother, she looked around, and put her last hope on "everywhere" the divine bird: "Please show up, Suzaku! Please save her!"

However, there was no response.

Qiwu wiped away the tears on her face, but more tears poured out of her eyes. She shouted hoarsely: "Come out! This princess ordered you to come out! If you really have supernatural powers, why didn't you save her— —"

The indicator light of the freezer flickered, but her mother still closed her eyes tightly.

"Come out! Suzaku—you come out! It's all a lie!" Qiwu was completely disappointed, she pulled off the necklace on her chest, "What Suzaku, what 'Nirvana', I will never believe it!"

Qiwu slammed the necklace on the ground, didn't want to look at it anymore, turned around and rushed out of the room.

The phoenix feather necklace in the corner gleamed and flowed silently. She picked it up with both hands, and the brilliance of the necklace was reflected in the eyes of the girl carrying the long umbrella.

The sun was slanting toward the west, and Qiwu sat cross-legged on the floor alone. In Xueyan's previous position, for many years, many times, she never seriously meditated with her mother, but now, no matter how well-behaved she was, her mother couldn't see her anymore.

Suddenly, a familiar figure sat down beside her, "Sister Jean, you are here."

"I also often sit quietly by myself, imagining my mother by my side." Jean looked at the sunset in the distance.

"If I grow up earlier, I can protect my mother." Qiwu's eyes were red, and she turned her head so that Jean could not see them. Since she was a child, she envied Jean, who was able to take on important responsibilities and fight for justice at a young age, but she was only under the care of her parents, and she would only lose her temper and shed tears.

"It's not too late to grow up now." Jean said, "You can protect more people."

Jean stretched out her hand to her, and Qiwu saw that the phoenix feather necklace that she had thrown away was lying in Jean's palm.

"The things mother left behind are the most precious." Jean put the necklace back on Qiwu, and Qiwu looked down at the necklace, tears falling like rain.

"We have a common enemy—the aliens. If you want, you can join the Iron Blood Legion with me." Jean understands that the best comfort is aggressive action.

Instead of seeking help from the illusory Suzaku, it is better to fight with your own strength like Jean! Find a cure for the alien virus for mother! But can I do it myself?

——How do you know if you don't try?

In this way, Qiwu followed Jean to join the Hard Corps. The unruly little princess in the past seems to have changed into a different person, humbly learning the knowledge of tactics and the use of weapons, waiting for one day to find a way to eliminate the aliens.

One morning, Qiwu went to Doyle early to ask about the tactics she didn't understand the night before, while Doyle was discussing the latest discovery with Jean. The detection team had detected an alien energy signal in the universe.

"If we can find the source of energy, maybe we can find a weapon against the aliens." Doyle was a little excited.

Jean made a suggestion: "We want to organize a detection team to explore the universe as soon as possible, but this task is too dangerous—"

"I'm willing to go!" Before Jean finished speaking, a clear and firm voice came. It turned out that Qiwu outside the door accidentally heard their conversation. Even if there was only a little hope, she would give it a try for her mother!

Jean stared at Qiwu, both relieved and worried, she turned to Doyle and saw him nodding silently.

When Qiwu gazed at the universe through the porthole for the first time, she found that she still underestimated its vastness and mystery. In the boundless depths, the stars twinkled faintly.

The spaceship traveled along the direction of the alien energy, and suddenly the sun radiated light to illuminate the surroundings, and the flames on its surface danced uncomfortably. Accompanied by a shock of the spaceship, a piercing siren sounded——

"Warning! Electromagnetic radiation red alert!"

"Strong X-ray flare detected! Please, evacuate as soon as possible!"

"Oops, it's a solar storm!" Teammates reacted, "Quick! Hide in the safety cabin! Put on protective clothing! Start the R-level return plan!"

Qiwu was unwilling to let the mission fall short, but another violent shock brought her back to reality, so she had no choice but to set the automatic return to home in front of the operation screen.

However, the automatic return system had failed under the influence of the magnetic storm...

For a moment, Qiwu's heart stopped beating suddenly. She knew that now one person had to sit in the pilot's seat and return manually, so that others could hide in the safety cabin to have a chance. Otherwise, all of them would die.

Qiwu suddenly thought of her mother, and remembered the story of Suzaku that she never believed. Suzaku protected the south, mother protected herself, now, maybe it was her turn.

"You advanced to the safety cabin, the princess will be here soon!"

The next second, Qiwu sat on the driver's seat, pressed the close button of the radiation-shielded safety cabin door, and gripped the spacecraft's joystick amidst more intense alarm sounds.

A large amount of X-ray radiation completely cut off the communication between the spaceship and the Earth, and also made Qiwu in the pilot's seat feel severe burning pain, buzzing in his ears, and her vision became more and more blurred...

Just when Qiwu was about to lose sight of the instrument panel and indicator screen in front of her, suddenly a beam of light brighter than the sun burst out from the phoenix feather necklace on her chest. In the bright daylight, she finally couldn't hold it any longer, and just a second before she closed her eyes, she vaguely saw a pair of radiant wings flying across the space, exactly the same as the divine bird painted by her mother.

The girl on the hospital bed moved her eyelashes slightly and opened her eyes. It wasn't the vast universe, but the white ceiling.

"Am I still alive?" Qiwu moved her hands and limbs in doubt, without any discomfort, and even felt full of strength. She sat up and saw the phoenix feather necklace lying quietly on the bed. The chain was broken, but the three phoenix feathers were still intact, light and soft, and full of brilliance.

Qiwu stretched out her hand, and the moment she touched Feng Yu, Feng Yu suddenly ignited a gorgeous flame, and jumped up and down following Qiwu's gesture. Qiwu's eyes widened in surprise, fascinated by the mysterious power in front of her.

Also surprised was Jean, who opened the door and came in to see this scene. She smiled relievedly, "You did it."

It turned out that after the spacecraft was successfully recovered on the return orbit, other teammates who entered the safety cabin were seriously injured by high-intensity X-ray radiation, but Qiwu who was directly exposed was safe and sound, and even had the ability to manipulate Feng Yu!

According to the doctor's test, the activity level and metabolism speed of Qiwu's body cells were far higher than those of ordinary people. At the same time, the free radicals in her body were greatly suppressed, so such uncommon metabolism does not lead to aging. At the same time, her body had a magical magnetic force, which can control Feng Yu to burn, move, attack, and burst out with incredible power. Even weapon experts Doyle and Sadie can't explain the principle.

Does Suzaku really exist in the universe?

In order to find the answer, she came to her mother again, only to find that her father was already there waiting for her.

The father stood with his hands behind his back, looking at his beloved wife who was sleeping in the freezer compartment, "The Sixiang Artifact is an ancient treasure made of meteorites, and contains mysterious powers that humans cannot detect at present, and the Suzaku Phoenix Feather is one of them." He turned his head, he said solemnly to Qiwu, "It was Suzaku who protected you."

"But where is Suzaku?" Qiwu asked.

"Suzaku is everywhere." Father said the same thing as mother, "Human wisdom is not enough to know the whole universe, and we should always be in awe."

From then on, Feng Yu became Qiwu's handy weapon. She is also waiting for the next part of the journey, waiting for the chance to save her mother. She is not afraid of being hurt, nor is she afraid of sacrifice, because she believes that she, like Suzaku, can be reborn after suffering.

Every evening, Qiwu would meditate, calm and peacefully like her mother back then. She also often saw a pair of gorgeous wings across the sky, disappearing into the dusk-heavy east.

Suzaku really exists, and exists in the universe in a form that ordinary people cannot understand.


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