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The Suspicious Face is a miniboss in Super Contra. It is a multi-headed alien monstrosity that spews out a continuous barrage of projectiles.


A multi-headed alien monstrosity that waits at the end of the aliens' hive. In the arcade version of Super Contra, it is the penultimate boss of the game, while in the NES conversion, Super C, the game continues long after completing this area.

The Suspicious Face is a gigantic creature that protrudes from an organic formation on the far end of the nest, which makes for its body, with two cavities on each side giving the appearance of arm sockets. In the NES version, these are larger and more tunnel-like.

The monster has a rather grotesque facade; its head is an amalgamation of various devilish-looking faces sharing organs between them. They share three main foreheads, six eyes, five noses and five mouths, all of which have a disturbingly grinning expression and are filled with large fangs.

The foe attacks by spewing a long barrage of projectiles from its central mouth; these travel at great speed and each is aimed directly at the player's current position (in the NES version, the projectiles are much slower and the player can outsmart their trajectories by standing in areas the miniboss is unable to aim at); all this while a large quantity of small roller-type bug-like aliens come out from the two side tunnels, moving erratically around and quickly populating the battlefield. The creature is not particularly resilient, though, and just enough shots from most weapons will put it out of commission.

The Suspicious Face apparently poses as the leader of the Red Falcon army, as once it is defeated, a unique and lively victory fanfare is played, giving the false impression of having completed the game. This does not last long, however, and shortly afterward an even more threatening abomination will emerge from the opening left by the Suspicious Face; the real leader of Red Falcon himself, Emperor Demon Gava. In the arcade version, upon the Suspicious Face's death, this opening will initially be blocked by large membranes that will burst and scatter around with a strong quake before Gava emerges - these are lethal to the touch.

It is unclear if the Suspicious Face and Gava are different beings or if the former is an initial form taken by the latter. Since both share the same body, and due to the aliens' history of being able to mutate into different forms, the latter is more plausible.



  • The Suspicious Face probably represents an earlier life stage in the alien's growth process, although this is mere speculation.

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