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For this stage's counterpart in Super C (NES), see Alien Area 1.
For other uses, see Alien Hive (disambiguation).

Alien 2 (エイリアン2 Eirian2?)[2] is the fifth and final stage of Super Contra. It is the innermost quarters of the aliens' hive and the lair of their leader.


After many arduous battles, Bill and Lance finally reach the aliens' hive. Just like the previous area, the it is a gigantic construct of living tissue and organs. The heroes are soon attacked by a plethora of bug-like creatures that relentlessly chase them and spit projectiles at them. These can be neutralized with a single shot from any weapon, so they instead rely on large numbers to pose a real threat, and may end up distracting the player while they're trying to deal with other enemies. These creatures will keep on entering the screen almost throughout the entire level.

The heroes will soon reach a wide area from which nasty looking mouths known as Bakongas suddenly emerge from the ground. These fanged and multi-lipped organs can present a real threat to the player while they attempt to cross to the other side, as they can spawn from any spot on their vicinity, giving them just a split second to react and get out of the way. Fortunately, they aren't infinite and can be all destroyed if the player takes brief stops to deal with them, leaving the area secure to traverse.

After this zone, the road will continue normally for a while (or as 'normal' as a place like this can be). Suddenly, a horrific enemy resembling a large alien skull with an exposed brain will enter the screen and start spinning around the player, preventing some of their shots to travel their way out. While this enemy can be dealt without much problem, just a few steps forward, six of these horrid creatures will enter the screen at once and almost completely encircle the player, preventing their bullets to hit the other incoming aliens that are in turn shooting at them.

What follows is one of the hardest sections of this level - a tight corridor full of incubators on both sides from which infant Bug Aliens constantly hatch in groups of three, and which then travel to the opposite wall. These are spawned in great frequency, forcing the hero to be quick on the trigger and on their feet to survive this nightmare. If the player is holding a Hyper Shell, it's advisable to use it here in order to clear the screen for a moment from the plethora of enemies and thus have a better chance of survival.

Nearing the end of the nest, the heroes find a closed gate surrounded by the flayed corpses of what presumably were previous combatants and/or civilians. The heroes destroy the seal and finally reach the chamber of the final boss.

The Suspicious Face is a construct of several humanoid faces with a ghastly grinning expression. It spits a barrage of projectiles directly at the player, so they have to constantly be on the move while also trying to score some hits against the creature at any given opportunity. To make matters worse, more infant bug aliens will constantly come out from the two tunnel-like openings on both sides of the room and start moving following in a pattern. Once the creature has sustained enough damage, it will explode and a joyful fanfare will play, signifying the victory over the aliens. Or so it seems...

After a few moments of unsettling silence, the earth will suddenly start to tremble and the membrane left by the Suspicious Face will burst open, from which the real commander of the alien forces will emerge, Emperor Demon Gava. The monster is so huge that only his head can be seen; it is composed of various organs –two eyes and two brain-like sacs– that shield the core the creature has on his front, which in turn has an alien fetus growing inside. Destroying these organs will affect the intensity at which Gava's attacks are performed. The creature attacks by vomiting cycloptic winged aliens that chase the player around, as well as cells that spin around the frontal core, protecting it. However, Gava's main means of attack are the two serpent-like tendrils that come out from each of the tunnel-like openings. These can stretch a long distance chasing after the player.

Once the frontal core has received enough damage, Gava's entire head will explode. However, among all the chaos, the alien fetus will manage to hatch, come out crawling, grow wings, and escape. Nonetheless, with their head commander's defeat, the alien invasion is finally brought to an end.







Game Title Audio Usage
Super Contra
Deathbed BGM
Gava boss fight
Hotter Than Hell Suspicious Face miniboss fight
Free World End credits


  • The walls around the gate that give access to the Suspicious Face and Gava's lair are covered with skinned human corpses. This is likely a reference to the science fiction-action film, Predator, which the Contra series takes inspiration from. In the film, the eponymous alien antagonist flays its victims and hangs them from trees, both to turn them as trophies, as well as intimidating signs.
  • This stage is played in a similar way to the alien layer section of Stage 5 of Neo Contra.


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