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For this stage's counterpart in Super C (NES), see Alien Area 3.
For other uses, see Alien Hive (disambiguation).

What is this place?
~ Bill Rizer in the arcade version of Super Contra

Alien 1 (エイリアン1 Eirian1?)[2] is the fourth stage of Super Contra. It is the entrance of the aliens' hive.


After defeating the giant altar-like alien, Dethgerbis, deep within the jungle, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, find the entrance to the aliens' hive. The entire complex is a construct of living organs consisting on giant arteries, veins and bones hanging everywhere, and the walls seem to be made of living tissue and other membranes. The cave goes strictly straightforward toward its exit on the other end; however, the entire path is made of sloping platforms that make traversing and evasion considerably difficult. The main opposing force in this level is an endless horde of Orians that enter the screen in groups and at high speed, which run and jump around trying to bump into the player.

Shortly after entering this living passage, two triads of Alien Sacs will suddenly come from the background and float about, trying to slowly home toward the player. Much more threatening than those, are flying Alien Skulls that quickly swoop toward the player soon after they are uncovered on the map as it scrolls forward.

Midway through the level, the screen will suddenly stop scrolling and the organic alien vessel, Giralal, will enter the screen, acting as the level's miniboss. It will start hovering from side to side of the screen, while releasing crawling Alien Skulls from its two side hatches, and also releasing triads of Poisonous Insect Gels from its three bottom dispensers. The central platforms can be used to take some cover from all the barrage of attacks, although perhaps the best strategy is to try to fell the vessel with a strong weapon as quickly as possible, before it can populate the screen with all its projectiles.

A little further from this location, the player will come across a few Eggrons. Unlike their usual behavior of releasing Buggers, these alien eggs release Bundles instead. Again, unlike the rest of the games, where they float, Bundles in this game can only crawl on the ground. When an Eggron hatches, it throws the Bundle straightforward at high speed, likely where the player is, so it¿s usually best to kill these alien worms while they're still in midair.

The passage that leads to the innermost chambers of the alien hive can be seen at the end of this level. However, the entrance is guarded by the fearsome Metal Alien, which resembles a gigantic Orian with wings. Due to this, it can be speculated that it is the direct leader of the Orians. The Metal Alien attacks by spewing triads of Poisonous Insect Gels, making quick swoops downward, and by opening its mouth and extending out another smaller and long mouth.





  • This stage appears much earlier in the arcade version of Super Contra, as the fourth stage of the game. It features many layout differences compared with its NES version counterpart, as well as different bosses and a few different enemies, and completing it does not mark the end of the game like it does in Super C (NES).



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Creature from Outer Space Metal Alien boss fight


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