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For this stage's counterpart in Super C (NES), see Base Area 1.

Ruins of the Federal Military Base (連邦軍施設跡 Renpō-gun Shisetsu Ato?)[2] is the first stage of Super Contra. It is a military base that was taken over by the enemy forces and is now left in ruins.


Super Contra begins with the two most renown and fearsome commandos from the Contra Force, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, being deployed by helicopter into enemy territory, this time right inside their military base, taking them by surprise and unleashing chaos among the rampant enemy troops. The place shows evidence of previous battles, with structures laying in ruins and debris all over the place, likely the vestiges of when the base was taken by the enemy forces in the first place.

One third into the stage, the layout changes to a small hill the player has to ascend and which has a quarters camp at its top, from where numerous enemy soldiers come out. It is guarded by a sniper and two grenadiers. Fortunately, next to the entrance is an explosive red container that, if destroyed, will kill all enemies above and prevent any more from coming out.

After this short trip up, the player then has to make their way back down the hill; however, once they step back on ground level, a huge wall will suddenly arise from the ground with three mobile turrets moving along it. Continuing with the unexpected surprises, just a few steps forward, a menacing new threat, the M4A4 Tank, is lifted by a mobile platform into the battlefield. The vehicle is equipped with a fast shooting cannon and a soldier manning a mounted rifle on its top. It is also remarkably resilient, and if not destroyed in time, it will start advancing nonstop and run over the player.

Shortly after the area with the tank, the player will face yet another, and even more menacing threat: the Great Heli, a huge and heavily-armed military carrier helicopter equipped with four turrets along its hull. Besides using these guns to sweep the area with bullets, it will eventually open its rear door and start deploying a large number of rampaging enemy troops. The aircraft is also heavily-armored and it will take lots of concentrated fire to destroy all the segments of its shell and finally bring it down. However, if enough time has passed and the machine is still up, it will abandon the attack and leave the screen.

Destroying the flying vessel finally gives our heroes the upper hand and allows them to infiltrate the main section of the base, where a large group of well-armed soldiers have barricaded themselves in strategic positions to protect the main entrance. The top section is guarded by two snipers and a grenadier hiding behind barricades and protecting a core above them. Minor enemies will also be entering the screen from all directions. Nonetheless, skillful aiming, steady fire, and good evading maneuvers will soon put everybody out of commission and let the player concentrate fire on the core, which once destroyed, will explode and finally give them access to the base's interior, making the first part of the mission a success.






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Great Heli-Ruined Base Great Heli + Entrance Security boss fights


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