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For this stage's counterpart in the original arcade version of Super Contra, see Alien 1.
For other uses, see Alien Hive (disambiguation).

Alien Area 3 (工イリアンの巣 Kō Irian no Su?, lit. "Alien's Nest") is the eighth and final stage of Super C (NES). It is the innermost quarters of the aliens' hive and the place where the final boss holds its last stand.


Veteran Contra brothers-in-arms, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, finally breach inside the innermost chambers of the aliens' hivebringing the fight on their own turf. The entire place is made of unidentified living tissue; alien skulls with trunks, moving mouths, intestine-like organs, and all sorts of organic conduits adorn the walls and floors of this place.

The main opposing force of this area consists in an endless horde of Orians, which quickly enter the screen and run and jump around trying to bump into the player. Other common enemies in this stage are Wadders, which can frequently be encountered protruding from the walls and floors. Not all Wadders are hostile, though, only those that open and show their teeth. They will slowly vomit a Poisonous Insect Gel that, after a brief moment, will launch itself directly toward the player (these can be destroyed in midair).

The player starts this mission on a semi-straight path, with just a sloped area they must traverse. About one fourth into the level, they'll have to ascend a longer slope and then start jumping on a series of platforms, advancing in a more vertical manner. Care should be taken when reaching this area, as there are a couple of Jameeras - cycloptic alien heads protruding from the ground which fire two fast-traveling projectiles in quick succession. Besides potentially catching the player by surprise, their incessant fire can pin the player down on the ground and allow an Orian to come from behind and finish the job.

Once reaching half of the level, the layout drastically changes and becomes strictly straightforward. However, at this point, the entire ceiling will start to heavily drop down. While making contact with the ceiling itself is harmless, the entire structure will greatly limit the spaces where the player can shoot at, serving as an impromptu shield for the other aliens. Every time the ceiling moves back up, six Alien Sacs will suddenly materialize above and start chasing the player. If the ceiling goes back down, it will shield these floating alien embryos and allow them to get dangerously near the player, while the latter won't be able to do anything to fend them off. Additionally, the reduced space will greatly limit the height the player can jump, forcing them to camp in some spots and wait until the ceiling goes back up in order to jump over pits.

After successfully making it past the ceiling dropping area, the player will have to drop down a series of platforms to finally reach the lair of the final boss, Shadow Beast Kimkoh.

At the innermost chamber of the hive, the player comes across a tall structure made of organic material. An earthquake will soon begin and the structure will start to slowly fall apart, and from the ground where it was standing, Kimkoh will finally emerge. Kimkoh is a large alien abomination with a series of hermit crab-like legs, frog legs-like arms without hands, a cycloptic eye on its forehead, and a female humanoid face. It attacks by shooting upward a series of Poisonous Insect Gels from the hole on his arm, which then rain down all over the battlefield, and by shooting a straight line of Gels in a downward angle. Unexpectedly, making contact with this foe is harmless to the touch, and standing next to its frontal legs provides a safe spot where the boss can't aim at, allowing the player an easy win.




  • This stage appears much earlier in the arcade version of Super Contra, as the fourth stage of the game. It features many layout differences compared with its NES version counterpart, as well as different bosses and a few different enemies, and completing it does not mark the end of the game like it does in Super C (NES).



Game Title Audio Usage
Super C
Deathbed BGM
Great Heli-Ruined Base Kimkoh boss fight
Free World End credits


  • Right after defeatingKimkoh, and as it is digging back down into the ground, the player can jump toward where the beast was standing and climb a couple of invisible platforms, allowing them to finish the game standing high into the air and near the ceiling. Apparently, these are areas intended for the player to step onto Kimkoh during the boss fight, but which aren't immediately removed when the boss is defeated.
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