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Alien Area 2 (工イリアン地帯 洞窟 Kō Irian Chitai Dōkutsu?, lit. "Alien Area Cave") is the seventh stage of Super C (NES).


This stage leads the player into a deep descent to the bottom.

This stage is divided into four platform sections. The first platform is relatively safe for the player to make their descent, but once they reach the secondary platforms that are made of slopes, they will be attacked by Manookis and mutated Greeders. Manookis attack by spitting arcing projectiles as they slowly creep toward them. Although durable, they are slow and pose little threat if the player is careful.

The real menace in slope platforms are mutated Greeders; they attack by emerging from the upper edge of each respective slope platforms. They pose danger when they emerge from the edge of next lower slopes unexpectedly just as the player makes their descent to the next slope, mistakenly thinking the bottom slope are safe to cross. In order to progress, the player must make their descent from each lower ends of slopes, inevitably landing on the edge of the next slopes where mutated Greeders merge from the edge of that slope, risking the player of bumping onto them. This risk can somewhat be mitigated by the player constantly shooting at the bottom as they descend. Because mutated Greeders appear from the upper edge of slopes, staying at the edge is not a good idea.

After dealing with slopes, the player will reach next platform area where the floor can be destroyed. While concentrating on destroying floors to advance, the player must be wary of mutated Greeders coming from both left and right, falling onto them. If positioned right, the player will be able to obtain necessary items from the item capsule as they descend.

The final platforms before meeting the stage boss are straight and consist of Eggrons and Buggers. In some platforms, Eggrons are situated between where the player would land, and if one side is not dealt with promptly, they will be attacked by Buggers from the left and right spawned by two Eggrons. Buggers in this stage are very agile so it is recommended never to stop firing. Sometimes the next platforms at the bottom are obscured and this makes the player unable to see what is on the bottom, making the landing to the next platform risky. This can only be mitigated with many trials and errors.

After dealing with Eggron and Buggers in these final platforms, the player will make long descent to the bottom, where Dethgerbis awaits them.




  • This stage does not appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it).



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