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Base Area 4 (基地外部 Kichi Gaibu?, lit. "External Base") is the fifth stage of Super C (NES).


This stage is comprised of two main sections: a mountain and a warehouse.


The level starts with our heroes standing at the foot of a big mountain; this is another vertical climbing section, where the player must first manage to get to the top by climbing up a series of sloped formations. As expected, Greeders will be constantly entering the battlefield from all possible directions, as well as Ledders positioned in strategic locations. Major threats in this section include Gulcan cannons, which will suddenly dig out from the ground when approached and open fire, and Rotating Guns, which will provide accurate fire while the player is dealing with the rest of the enemies. Midway through the level, pairs of Necroid units will start entering from the bottom of the screen and continuously fire their guns as they ascend.

Another major hindrance the player must watch for are Rocks, which will be the main threats encountered throughout the second half of this section. These will roll down along the various sloped platforms, and due to their high resilience, the player should decide whether it's best to try to destroy them or to get out of their way. In addition, there are certain sections where the player will have to make a long jump to the next platform; however, the enemy has prepared traps where a rock will unexpectedly drop precisely at the moment when the player is in the middle of their jump. In order to deal with these, the player is advised to jump in place a few times to make the screen to scroll up, reveal the rock and make it drop first, clearing the way so they can safely jump across.


Once the player has made it to the top of the mountain, the environment will abruptly change to a military warehouse and become the usual side-scrolling type, where they'll now have to make their way back to ground level. The area consists of a series of cargo crates stacked one over another, and which the player must climb down until they reach the bottom. Almost every time they drop down a level, a gate will open behind them and a group of three Greeders will come out and give chase. Other Greeders will also be constantly entering the screen throughout the whole trip down.

In addition, an Underground Turret will generally come out from the ground every time the player drops down to a new crate. Fortunately, these are harmless to the touch, so the player can just run past them and then destroy them from behind if they so desire. On the other hand, if the player is caught by surprise and stops to try to fight a turret head on, it's likely they'll get trapped between its fast firing rate and the group of Greeders coming from behind.

Once the player has made it to ground level, they'll have to face the boss of this level: Giralal, an alien warship that guards the entrance to the aliens' lair. Giralal can be a very challenging boss if the player is not well equipped and/or doesn't have quick reflexes, as it rapidly deploys a large number of living skulls that scurry along the floor as soon as they land, and releases triads of insect gels that will launch directly toward the player. In addition, the vessel will frequently make swoops in an attempt to hit them directly.




  • This stage does not appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it).
  • Once a lower platform disappears from the screen, any attempt to go back to it will be considered falling off, causing the player to lose a life.



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