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Base Area 3 (基地内部 Kichi Naibu?, lit. "Inside the Base") is the fourth stage in Super C (NES).


A hi-tech enemy base hidden somewhere beyond the jungle. The overall layout of the level is set in an inverted L-shape.

The first section of this level is short and straightforward; in it, Greeder units will incessantly rush at the player from both sides. Care must be taken and not get overconfident, though, as an occasional gun-wielding red unit might appear at any time among the other rampant troops and catch the player by surprise. A couple of Bubble Turrets are found along the way; these are defense mechanisms installed on the ceiling that release a myriad of harmful bubbles, which, if not dealt with in time, will wander around the battlefield and could potentially fill up the screen, so it's advisable to try to concentrate fire on the machine itself to remove the threat altogether. In any case, each shooter has limited ammo, and once they've run out of bubbles they won't pose a threat anymore.

Shortly after passing the second Bubble Turret, the player will reach the main bulk of this level, which consists of a couple of huge elevators that will slowly rise along the base's main shaft, the second of which that goes all the way to the top of the base. The player must be on the lookout of falling bridges, incoming sections of the environment where they could get crushed in, Rotating Guns, Gardegura, and the main infantry force of this level, winged Garth troops.

A special mention should be made about Rotating Guns, as they can make the travel up quite difficult if let to take the upper hand and fill the screen with bullets. Furthermore, there's also a mobile variant that moves along a rail and that might pose a greater threat due to it being harder to hit, so it's advisable to always prioritize in destroying these turrets as soon as possible.

It is also worth mentioning the Gardegura, gelatinous-looking projectiles composed of a red and a blue orb that are fixed to appear at determined sections of the map as the elevator makes its way up. Shortly after appearing, they will quickly launch downward and trace an arc as they approach the bottom of the screen, where the player is standing. It's also advisable to prioritize in destroying them as soon as they appear.

In both cases –as well as for the entire level– the Spread Gun is an excellent choice, as it will help to more efficiently deal with everything that's coming to the player from all directions during the travel up.

Once the elevator reaches the top of the base, the boss of this level, the Laser Chandelier, will immediately enter the screen and commence its attack. The Laser Chandelier is a huge mechanical construct with nine affixed canons that moves along a large metal rail located at the top. It moves from side to side at varying speeds while unleashing a barrage of laser beams straight down. The cannons can be destroyed individually, which in addition of removing the threat they pose, will also provide a safe spot where the player can take cover under and allow them to more strategically take down the rest of the machine.




  • This stage does not appear in the original arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it).



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