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For this stage's counterpart in the original arcade version of Super Contra, see Deep Jungle.
For other uses, see Jungle (disambiguation).

Jungle (密林地帯 Mitsurin Chitai?, lit. "Jungle Area") is the third stage of Super C (NES). It takes place inside a deep jungle that leads to another enemy base.


Greeders will unexpectedly jump down from the top of palm trees in the initial jungle section of this stage. Their constant ambushes combined with some Ledders sniping from strategically emplaced positions may make this section difficult to pass.

When traveling in the water sections of this stage, the player becomes unable to jump but gains the capability to submerge and remain invincible while underwater, although stationarily (this feat can be done infinitely).

While Greeders and Ledders also attack in conjunction in the initial jungle section, enemy attacks are not as fierce or hazardous as in the arcade version, mainly due to them being exposed on their ambushing positions most of the times and the lack of foreground trees to obstruct the player's view; furthermore, there are no aliens present in this version.

In this version, the stage lasts long beyond the jungle section. After coming out of the jungle, the player gets to fight against a mechanical beast called Spidal as the miniboss of this stage. After destroying it, an earthquake unexpectedly takes place and the player is forced to make their way crossing over crumbling platforms. This section is dangerous, as in addition to the constant risk of falling offscreen, there will be constant Greeders entering the area, as well as a few armed ones who will deliver quick shots at the player as they attempt to make it across. A Barrier power-up appears at the beginning of this section, which will render the player invincible for a period of time, making the ordeal of traversing this zone much more feasible.

The Sensor is the end boss of this stage.






Game Title Audio Usage
Super C
Jungle Juncture BGM
Creature from Outer Space Spidal boss fight + earthquake section
Ruined Base Sensor boss fight
Super Contra/Super C
Bill RizerLance BeanRD008RC011
Red Falcon
Entrance SecurityMagnusDethgerbisMetal AlienEmperor Demon Gava
Great HeliMagnusSensorLaser ChandelierGiralalEmperor Demon GavaDethgerbisKimkoh
M4A4 TankGreat HeliGiralalSuspicious Face
TuckerSpidalSuspicious Face
Ruins of the Federal Military BaseInside the Federal Military BaseDeep JungleAlien 1Alien 2
Base Area 1Base Area 2JungleBase Area 3Base Area 4Alien Area 1Alien Area 2Alien Area 3
Music from Super Contra & A-Jax