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For this stage's counterpart in the original arcade version of Super Contra, see Ruins of the Federal Military Base.

Our ally GX Army has started attacking us. Their eyes are not of human. Could it be that they...
~ Last transmission from General Hal

Base Area 1 (基地跡 Kichi Ato?, lit. "Base Ruins") is the first stage of Super C (NES).


The mission begins with a task force helicopter dropping Contra veteran commandos, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, in the middle of an armed conflict on the outer fields of a former human military base which now lays in ruins. Human soldiers, now under control of the enemy forces, rampage all over the camp, firing their guns and throwing grenades, some posted on high ruined barracks and others taking cover behind impromptu barricades. Additionally, the base's defense system is also set to target the heroes.

The player starts the mission at the bottom of a long hill, and they'll have to make their way up, breaking through the enemy lines, until they reach its top, where the main entrance to the interior of the base is located. However, before they can infiltrate these facilities, an enemy carrier helicopter will suddenly intercept them and try to put a quick end to their mission.

The helicopter comes armed with various turrets and will first proceed to sweep the area with their firepower. After making a first pass, the vessel will descend and open its rear door, deploying a large horde of crazed soldiers which will start running all over the battlefield, trying to bump into the heroes. Once all of the chopper's turrets have been taken down, a glowing core will get exposed on the side of its hull. Destroying this core will bring the whole vessel down, signifying the end of the level and allowing the heroes access inside the base.





Game Title Audio Usage
Super C
Thunder Landing BGM
Great Heli-Ruined Base Great Heli boss fight
Super Contra/Super C
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Red Falcon
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Great HeliMagnusSensorLaser ChandelierGiralalEmperor Demon GavaDethgerbisKimkoh
M4A4 TankGreat HeliGiralalSuspicious Face
TuckerSpidalSuspicious Face
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