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Start Demo, also known by a variety of other names depending on the game they appear in, are a series of background music themes that play during a game's opening cutscene. The first title in the Contra series to feature one of these themes was the Japanese Famicom version of Contra, which was the first game to feature an introductory cutscene (this theme, the entire intro, and many other assets were removed from the export versions of the game). These themes are generally unique to each game.



Title Game Audio Usage
Start Demo Contra (FC) Opening cutscene BGM
What Is This Place Super Contra (arcade) Opening cutscene BGM
Alien Wars Begin Contra III: The Alien Wars Opening cutscene BGM
Alien Wars Begin [Intro Theme] Contra: The Alien Wars Opening cutscene BGM
Alien Wars Begin (Title BGM) Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX Opening cutscene BGM
NEO CONTRA Neo Contra Opening cutscene BGM
Alien's Den Contra ReBirth Opening and other cutscenes BGM


  • The Super Contra opening theme has an Orian screeching sound effect as part of the music itself instead of being a separate sound effect.[1]

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