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Stage Clear is a recurring and iconic short music track featured in the Contra series and is one of the few tracks to make an appearance in every game in the series (some games may use a different track but have the same use). As the title suggests, it plays at the end of a stage, right after an area boss is defeated. An exception is usually a game's final boss, in which case this track may or may not play at all depending on the game. In most of these cases, a variation of this track titled "All Stage Clear" will play instead.


  • The original Famicom version of Contra features an "all stage clear" fanfare called "All Pattern Clear" ("All PCLR" in the hidden Sound Mode)[1] when the final boss is defeated, which is an arrangement of the "Contra" jingle. However, the export versions of the game were heavily stripped down in other countries in order to lower production costs, suffering changes such as the removal of cutscenes, animations, and music tracks. In the export versions of the game, the standard "Stage Clear" tune is played after defeating the final boss instead.
  • In Contra 4, this theme plays when a Challenge is cleared successfully.
  • Also in Contra 4, the "Final Victory" track that plays when defeating the final boss is an arranged mixture of "Stage Clear" with "Contra".


Title Game Audio
Triumphal Return 1 Contra (arcade)
Triumphal Return 1 Contra (NES)
Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Mix)
Triumphal Return 1 Contra (MSX2)
Pattern Clear No.1 Super Contra (arcade)
Stage Clear Super C (NES)
Triumphant Return 1 Operation C
Level/Boss clear Jingle Contra Force
Pattern Clear Contra III: The Alien Wars
Stage Clear Contra: Hard Corps
Mission Accomplished Contra: The Alien Wars
Stage Clear Jingle Contra: Shattered Soldier
Stage Clear Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX
Stage Clear Neo Contra
Stage Clear Contra 4
Contra: Operation Galuga (WayForward Mix)
clr (file name) Contra ReBirth
Stage Clear Contra: Evolution
EX_StageClear Hard Corps: Uprising
Who's Next? Contra: Operation Galuga
Clear the Stage Contra: Operation Galuga (Retro Remix)

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