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Not to be confused with Defense Wall.

The Spike Wall[1] is a recurring environmental hazard featured in the Contra series. It is a panel covered with spikes that suddenly rises from the floor when the player gets near it.


As its name implies, the Spike Wall is just a panel covered with spikes that unexpectedly rises from the floor when the player nears its vicinity, in an attempt to trick them in bumping into it. These walls were introduced in the NES/Famicom port of Contra (that is, they didn't appear in the original arcade version of the game).

They later reappeared in Contra: Operation Galuga.



This environmental hazard was introduced in the NES/Famicom port and is exclusive to those versions of the game. They appear in Stage 7, Hangar. When the player approaches an area containing these walls, the latter will suddenly rise from the floor in an attempt to take advantage of the player's hastiness and tricking them in bumping into them; as such, it is recommended to advance with caution and at a moderate pace in this stage.

The Hangar stage's layout is mainly comprised of two levels: an upper floor and a ground floor. Spike Walls only appear on the upper floor. Since the ground floor has the added danger of rail carts suddenly entering the screen at moderate speed that can run over the player (although they can also hitch a ride on them if they want to), some may prefer traveling through the upper floor. Areas that contain Spike Walls are somewhat evident as they have suspicious looking empty spaces, usually before or after an area with Destan Hands, so it is advised to advance at a moderate pace when traversing these.

Several Spike Walls are usually found one after another. As expected, they are remarkably resilient and it takes many shots to bring each one down. Weapons like the default Rifle or the Fire Ball are ill advised to use against them, as it will take a considerable amount of time to fell down each wall, while putting the player at risk of other enemy attacks in the meantime; whereas a Spread Gun at close range can make short work of them.

Even though the Hangar/Hangar Zone stage also appears in the original arcade version of the game, and features a similar layout, Spike Walls don't appear in that version.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Spiked Walls didn't make any other appearances in any of the sequels until this game. They are found in Stage 6, Ruins.



  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.