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Spidal (烈撃六連機動砲 スパイダル Retsu Geki Roku Ren Kidou Hou?, lit. "Six Cannoned Assault Mobile Spidal"), also known as Babalu Destructoid Mechanism, is a recurring miniboss in the Contra series. It is a Red Falcon security droid resembling a robotic arachnid.


Super C[]

First appearance of this miniboss in the series, introduced exclusively in Super C, the NES conversion of Super Contra. Spidal is a giant robot that moves via four mechanical legs, which making honor to its name, gives it an appearance similar to a spider. It is fought right after exiting the jungle section of the third stage.

Spidal comes equipped with six giant cannons affixed to its main body, each pointed at a different angle, and mainly attacks by slowly moving toward the enemy and making frequent stops to open fire. The four cannons aimed at an angle will shoot straight in those directions, while the horizontally aimed cannons will fire in a wave-like manner, covering a wider area.

The only way to destroy this enemy is by damaging the glowing core located underneath its main body, which fortunately remains at the same height from most weapons' firing range. If it becomes necessary to go prone in order to avoid incoming projectiles, a weapon that covers a wide area, such as the Spread Gun, will be able to do the job, although it will take some time to destroy it as it is quite resilient.

The player is also able to jump and stand on top of Spidal's main body without taking damage, which becomes very handy when this mechanical monster attempts to corner and crush them under its massive feet.

Its music theme is "Creature from Outer Space".

Contra 3D[]

A giant alien mechanism whose body shape almost resembles that of a spider. It has six compound eyes (optical cameras) and emits a powerful divergent beam from the compound eyes.
~ Contra 3D official profile description
  • Height: 13 m
  • Weight: 78 t

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Spidal is a Red Falcon security droid resembling a robotic arachnid. This mid-boss wields a variety of attacks, including flame bursts, grenades, and lasers.[1] Spidal's core also constantly changes from being under it to above it and vice versa each time it takes a certain amount of damage. The player can also stand on top of the Spidal, but must be aware to not stay on it for too long, as it will quickly jump high into the air to crush them while they're on it. Its legs (when idle) and body can harmlessly absorb weapons fire.


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